I am Koos Swart. In school I was commonly pointed out as the promising student and I decided I wanted to make a psychological model. A friend of mine suggested I work on the quran, as it was not understood. In 1995 I  came up with specialization in computer graphics. I was the first programmer to not create the colours and shapes for his animations himself, asking a graphics artist to take care of those instead. This set a trend and changed the way computer graphics were (and are) made.

3D painting and 3D graffiti

In the past my people skills have had quite some impact. Not all of it is so glorious so it’s nice to get some recognition.

people skills

islamic exodus

Since the end of 2006 I have been working on restoring the original meaning of the quran. Caliphate quran interpretations are educationally irresponsible. The intention is to create a more responsible interpretation of the quran whilst remaining true to the original Arabic. Every single word is researched thoroughly in a respected dictionary.

Recently I have moved (returned) the Hajj to Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople) and declared Karachi, Pakistan a Holy city. Direction of prayer is now the Hagia Sophia. All this is supported by prophecy, but it doesn’t change the fact that these are sensible choices anyway. This is a repetition of the story of Exodus. Currently the story of Joshua is being repeated.

anatomy of the psyche

Since 2009 I work on a psychological model for psychiatry to define what is ‘mentally healthy’ or normal. It was intended for mental health care, but can also be used in politics. The plan is to have at least one serious game built to train psychiatrists in recognizing and labeling normal behaviour properly to prevent misdiagnoses.


At the request of a professor I gave an explanation for the “central mystery of quantum physics” and used it to suggest improvements to Einsteins theory of general relativity.

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