I am Koos Swart, by now I am 40 years old and I’ve been working in the field of humanities on the internet since the mid 90’s. A lot of pop music was based on my work. I have tried to collect everything on my youtube channel.

1995 - moving painting/3d graffiti

I came up with employing old-fashioned graphics artists to improve the aesthetics of moving computer images, including 3d. I now take medicine to curb my enthousiasm.

people skills

I have had a huge influence on some people I’ve met, to the extent that they compared me with Jesus. Some of this has leaked onto MTV and I try to explain things from my perspective on this website. 


I work on restoring the original meaning of the quran. Actual work started at the end of 2006, but the project has been first discussed in 1995. I was hoping U2 would make a nice video for the occasion, and they did.

anatomy of the psyche

Since 2009 I work on a psychological model for psychiatry to define what is ‘mentally healthy’ or normal. It was intended for mental health care, but can also be used in politics.

Although actual work started in 2009, I first wanted to make this when I was 14, and it incorporates some ideas I formed when I was 10. It was also discussed in 1995.

Judgement day 14-10-2014 ياوما القيامة

Qibla or direction of prayer: Hagia Sophia - Revelation of John

Hajj: The Holy city of Istanbul - الروم

Umrah: The Holy city of Karachi, Pakistan, biggest city in the world - Isaiah:40-end

Judgement on the new state of Israel - الاسر

© Koos Swart 2013