3D painting

In 1995, I was looking at computer graphics and decided I wanted to make a 3D-painting-like world.

Computer graphics consist of linear algebra and colours and 3d objects. I decided to split the roles and have a graphics artist do the colours and hopefully the 3d objects. However the plan itself didn’t take off for us. Me and some friends decided to drop the invention on a BBS. From there it took a flying start and after ten years or so the first 3d graffiti was there. I didn’t keep track of the progress in the meantime. The invention was further developed in the demoscene.

Here is an example of an older demo as they were created in the demoscene. The colours are not bad but a more developed personal touch would have been nice in the demoscene. Also with computers developing further the programmer would soon run into a lack of creativity, a problem which could be solved by getting a graphics artist more involved in the 3d making.

These are some works which were created around ten years later. Note the influence of graphics artists in the design, making it less blocky and the colouring more original and in a personal style.

© Koos Swart 2013