30: Al ROOM



غلبت الروم

Conquered were the romans

فى ادنى الارض وهم من بعد غلبهم سيغلبون

Then remained the fruitful mistakes were made from foolishness their conquering similar conquerors

فى بضع سنين لله الامر من قبل ومن بعد ويومذيفرح المومنون

Then became superlative in its kind sharpened for Allah the Lord from favouring and from alienation and when a time of past was feeling glad for the conforming

بنصر الله ينصر من يشا وهو العزيز الرحيم

With support of Allah being supported favoured [yashaa] and striving for the strengthening of the ties

وعد الله لا يخلف الله و عده ولكن اكثر النسا لا يعلمون

And reckoned was God not being khalifa God and sharing equally not concealed in abundance the people not being acquainted

يعلمون ظهرامن الحيوه الدنيا وهم عن الاخره هم غفلون

And being acquainted evidenced from the improvement the close in kindred imagined presented the reform their being in power

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