“God does not do what I want, therefore He does not exist.”.

“I like Christmas but not the dogmas.”.

“There must be intelligent life in the universe, perhaps more intelligent than us.”.

“People can be decent human beings without religion and bad people can believe in God.”.

“The universe is knowable.”.

“Religion is the first and worst version of the truth.”.

“Religion is a danger to society.”.

“Natural explanations are more aesthetic.”.


I received my first dose of a vaccine. I tried posting something about it on my facebook page but Mark is a lizard.

Quite typical also that the owner of a company called ‘Facebook’ can’t even manage to take a decent picture or video of himself.

Anyways regarding the vaccines: I don’t want to promote a specific brand, I noticed Pakistan has had to import a Chinese vaccine in bulk and repackage them themselves to save some money. The vaccine probably isn’t EMA approved so I won’t mention that either. Just take the vaccine that is supplied by your national authorities.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, people are nitpicking about literally nothing.

This is the journalist scourge and that is why I banned journalism. Worthless parasites.


My internet provider is halting its webhosting activities.

I take medicine to deal with stress and I really don’t like this. Also, it remains to be seen whether other companies will even want to host my website.

I live in a protected housing facility for people with autism and I will ask around if any of the staff can help me with this. If only to relieve some stress by staying around while I manage stuff.

Much rather I would like some other organisation to take care of the website for me. A company could do it as I have some money. Or a university, government organisation or non-profit. I have been busy sending e-mails.

If you can help me out with the website, please contact me.

New website software


I upgraded sparkle, the website software I’m using.

Still figuring out what’s new or changed. This is the new blog feature. Blogs may be back, who knows?

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