Dogs are shit animals

I live in a small city near a river with a strand of nature following it, and a path for bikers. When I go do some shopping I can take the scenic route along the biking path.

However, a lot of bikers consider it a sort of hyper loop for bicycles. It runs through the city, but there are no cars around.

Also, everybody in the wide vicinity walks their dogs there, so it is straddled with dog poo.

This morning a shitty little dog came up barking to me. I complained to the owner, it wasn’t on a leash, which wasn’t the first time that happened.

According to the owner, it was my fault. Somehow my ‘emotional state’ forced the dog to bark at me. You can say that to your equally dumb neighbour between exchanging homeotherapy tips, but not to a total stranger. It is extremely rude.

Apparently I have telepathic powers which force dogs to bark at me without knowing it. Do you have any idea how retarded that sounds? How about this: I don’t give a shit about whatever kind of bullshit animal you want to keep. I hate animals so keep them away from me. I don’t live in a zoo.

This strand of nature running through the city is entirely ruined by retards who don’t consider other people to be of equal worth. It is the strand of Sodom in the city of Leeuwarden.

India’s net neutrality rules

I am quite upset by the lack of net neutrality in some asian countries. It means that I can reach people through promotions on facebook (which I pay for) but the people I reach can’t actually reach my website, which sucks and is a scam.

India has apparently been busy fixing this while I was just sitting here being upset. Good!

The United States are being governed by a psychopath

Base income and general stupidity

Most people (99%) have no brain.

Base income will not lead to more money, it will be received from taxes elsewhere. Also, wage costs for low-paid jobs will be much lower, because the only wage that will need to be paid is what is added to the base income. This money will be returned to the government by means of higher taxation of businesses. This is good for labor-intensive, low wage job creating companies, as they will have lower wage costs and the taxes will be paid by all companies, who all also have lower costs (just adding that again for dumb people).

It is simply a matter of moving money around. I don’t care if rich people pay more tax, I don’t like them. We might as well kill them, infact why don’t we. They don’t do anything useful around here.

It is best compared to an insurance policy. Of course lately insurance doesn’t exist anymore either, so we need to reïnstate that as well, thanks to the U.S. rich people (why don’t we kill them, I guess we should).

Donald Trump is a prime example of a rich person. Every rich person is like that, an asshole that deserves to be shot.

Reagan said it

For the archives

Seven nation army - 2003

Someone got me into a mac vs. pc-debate, which I detest. Most points made are actually personal preference or anecdotal, and I don’t care. Also, it’s pointless. Even if you bring statistics into the discussion, it’s pointless. Also, I don’t get paid to advertise for Apple so why would I? However, it taps into some history which some people might be interested in.

Around 1985, my father bought an MSX-2. At some point a friend of mine gave me some Japanese RPG’s, namely SD-Snatcher and Dragon Slayer VI. Later my father bought a PC so he would be able to work at home. I used the PC to game on and watch demos. I hardly did any programming and such. As a young teenager I wanted a Nintendo so I could play duck hunt, but that never happened.

When I made my first money I bought a Sony Playstation and played Japanese RPG’s on them, later I bought a PS2.

In 1998 I moved to the provincial capital to study and got a computer there, however I wasted a lot of time playing Final Fantasy VII, and I was not alone. When I was working on my internship I sold my PC to a colleague. I had invested in a TNT2 graphics card and played some unreal tournament at a single LAN-party, but hardly touched the PC afterwards.

After that I got a job at an insurance company and used that computer for office type stuff. I did not have a PC nor did I have internet. Just the PS2. I was exploring the city, and enjoying it.

When I was about to get fired at the insurance company at a late stage during the ICT-crash (late because I was cheap for them, so there was less incentive to get rid of me) I bought my 12” powerbook to replace my office computer during the time when I would be unemployed (which ended early during the recovery from the crash, as I was cheap and experienced).

At the end of 2006 I decided I would start working on the quran, so I got internet in order for me to get to the resources I would need. So I didn’t have internet for over 8 years, from 1998 until the end of 2006. I started working on the quran. At some point in 2009 the first videos started appearing on MTV, including a particular one by U2. I tried to watch it on youtube, but my powerbook was too slow. So I bought a used imac (one year old and €1.000 cheaper than a new one, so I considered it a good deal).

At some point in 2009 I got bored with my collection of PS2-games and went to look for new ones, but couldn’t find anything that seemed to be fun. I went for long walks on sunday morning simply because I was bored. At some point I decided to download World of Warcraft on my imac, and it ran fine. So I played that for almost ten years now.

Recently Square Enix is publishing games for the iPad, my most recent purchase is Final Fantasy XV pocket edition. Haven’t got around to play it a lot yet, but I hope to see some more of these kinds of games for my tablet so it can replace my PS2.

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Just another story

Dutch government

The Dutch government decided, at some point, to remove blasphemy from the lawbooks. Maybe they should remove theft from the law as well, solves a lot of crimes. No more theft!

BIS on cryptocurrencies

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