Election time

There’s nothing for us to vote for.

These people don’t care about us.


I guess I have to write something on democracy. Democracy entails issues like freedom of speech and right to organise, aside from voting.

Voting is not a very good way to solve problems and I am forced to address it.

Voting is bad.

If you do vote, make it accessible (via app for example) instead of having people turn up at a central location, which they often won’t bother to do.

Vote on small issues, not entire poltical parties or something complicated like brexit.

Far too often political science is ignored by dumb people (hello republican party). These tend to be special interest parties that serve the wealthy. People vote for them hoping they’ll be one of the wealthy one day, or because their special interests are somehow served. This is not how you run a state.

There are counterintuitive but quite simple solutions to most problems, and having people dumber than you vote for it is the same as walking away from your duties as a ruler.

Loch Modan

When I play role playing games I usually start with rogues or thieves. So in world of warcraft, I started with a rogue. I met another rogue, not a very good combination in a sense because we didn’t have a healer or ‘tank’  but we did have some fun together playing in the middle of the night. At some point we were sitting by some lake (which is now dry), fishing without having a clue about how most players play the game. We were just fishing and chatting.

He asked me what I did in real life. I replied I was an inventor and I translated poetry. He said I reminded him of this song:

Blog post restored thanks to the internet archive. I just noticed it started archiving my website on a weekly basis instead of once a year. Nice to know.

Baradin Bay

When I started playing world of warcraft, I made a rogue as I have been doing in RPG’s since the 80’s. As professions I picked mining and blacksmithing so I could make my own weapons. However I kept getting killed by monsters lurking around the copper veins, so I swapped to alchemy and enchanting with the intention of buying materials from the very safe auction house. Result: I was very poor.

As I needed gold, I asked the guild master if I could take weapons and armour from the guild bank to disenchant and that was OK. As I now know I’m sure they were glad to get rid of that junk.

At some point i got an alchemy recipe: free action potion. As it theoretically seemed great for pvp, I figured I could make some gold. I went to study online resources and discovered that I would need a fish called ‘oily blackmouth’ and I had to go to a place called “Baradin bay” to fish them. Baradin bay is also a place where ships come in heading for Kalimdor and Northrend.

I haven’t made any money off the free action potion but I got lucky with the recipe for Vial of the Sands. I managed to make one (very expensive at the time) and sold it for profit. After selling a couple I could afford to get myself one and kept selling them. I got rich off this mount.

By the time the current expansion “Battle for Azeroth” came out, I had made over 8 million gold and managed to buy the auction house mount. So I managed to solve my cashflow problems pretty well.

Baradin bay was wrecked in the cataclysm and so far it hasn’t been repaired unfortunately. It was sort of fun to sit there fishing, thinking I was going to be rich and playing this song:

Picking up women?

We got some moron in our guild a few weeks ago. He happens to be a dutchman and lies continuously. He claims to be a ‘mythic raider’ which no one cares about in our guild and invited some friends.

My ‘toon’ is female, but I’m not.

The guy is a total retard. At some point I’m in a bg and he whispers me “Hallo schatje” which means something like “hello honey”. He apparently just whispers random people saying such things. So I sent him a question mark: “?”. He continues: “Alles goed?” or roughly translated “How you doin?”.

If you’re going to pick up women, be a fucking man about it instead of using cowardly cop-out lines!

Anyway, I reported him, now let’s see how blizzard deals with these cases.

If they don’t do anything, I’ll be pushing on it.

Also, I checked the players’ profile and he doesn’t seem to have done any mythic raiding. A lot of heroic though. He claimed he was back after a break but his ‘toon’ has been raiding for the past two to three years.


One might wonder why I did not buy the Bose headphones to begin with.

The problem with Bose is that I am a hi-fi enthusiast. Speakers use two drivers: a tweeter for high notes, and a driver for low notes. The Bose speakers use one driver and then require a special Bose amplifier which changes the sound to make it sound ‘acceptable'. This isn’t what hi-fi is about. Then Bose aggressively markets their badly designed products in stores to woo impulsive buyers.

Also, I read that they don’t really care about the mac. They just want to get some of the iphones market share, and I use airpods for outdoor use.


Due to a recent Linus Tech Tips video I decided to buy a Sony 1000X-M3 something something. I used to use beats solo3 and as everyone is complaining about beats I wanted to know what I was missing.

First off, the noise cancellation on the Sony is awesome. For the first time in my life I have this peace and quiet, so it is one of my best purchases ever.

The sound on the Sony is a lot more ‘loose’ than it is on the beats. I get the impression that the beats deliver a more direct sound, but they have quite a punchy bass which is a bit odd and I’m not sure what to think of it.

I bought the Beats due to the W1 chip and the bluetooth connection on them is flawless and very user friendly. On the Sony’s I’ve had several skips, crackling noises and the headphones need to be updated and configured using an app on my smartphone, but I use airpods for those. The headphones are for use with my imac at home. I don’t bring these huge headphones outside, it looks silly.

So yea, quite pleased with the sony and the beats will stay until they break.

My main complaint about the beats: I’ve had them replaced under warranty three times in two years time. Very bad build quality, but good service. Still I prefer to skip the hassle of walking up and down to the store and using my wired headphones for a week or so until the replacement is approved. Also, when warranty ends I end up with broken headphones, no thank you.

Edit 19-2-2019:

After some use I’m annoyed that the Sony’s volume controls are not 1 on 1 with the mac’s volume display. Also the touch controls are a disaster and because the volume control is not synced with the mac I have to use them. Every time I turn on the headphones I have to sort the volume and make sure I’m not wearing them as the volume can be very loud.

Gay people

Don’t hate to ruin your party but all the gay/lesbian people I’ve met are pieces of shit.

Never met a nice gay/lesbian person in my life. Personally.

So it’s pretty hard for me to say something nice about them.


I bought a laptop, just for ‘work’.

I was really stressed out and after I was sitting someplace thinking: “Everyone hates me.”.

Well, no one has proven me otherwise. I have no house and no one is talking to me.

Everybody is crazy except they think I’m somehow crazy.

That’s because everyone hates me.

It’s your fault.


I traded in my old powerbook 12” that I used to work on the quran with. I am afraid the battery will start to leak and after 16 years it belongs in a workshop and not in a living room. It was a bit smelly but I was told it would be put in their mini-museum as they didn’t have it yet. Otherwise it would be recycled. Either way they would erase the hard drive.

I swapped out the hard drive myself in 2006 after the original was was broken. I worked on the quran using large PDF’s which I downloaded here. I had to put my own bookmarks in Apple’s ‘preview’ app to be able to work somewhat fast.

After a couple of years Tyndale archives put up a website with an index for browsers and I stopped using the PDF’s. I also got a better mac in 2009 (a used one) which I still have here.

Nowadays there are several good options to choose from. They seem to be listed on the wikipedia page for the lexicon.

Edit 25-1-2019:

Edited and uploaded using the new laptop. This means I can go on holiday and have a spare system in case my iMac stops working.

Psychiatrists’ comments

I complain a lot about psychiatry. Now for some positive feedback I received:

Around 2003, a psychiatrist stated that ‘kafir’ meant the muslim women because they cover their heads. I replied that I wanted to decipher the quran. He said: “If you do that, I’ll call you ‘sir’.’. I then went on to reply that it depends on the context. In one case he was correct, as it turns out.

Another psychiatrist stated that she understood that I wanted to make a more peaceful world by making a friendlier quran translation, but she was concerned about my stress levels.

When I said to another psychiatrist that I moved Hajj to Istanbul because it is the one city I would visit if I could only visit one, he agreed enthousiastically. Also, when I told that psychiatrist I had declared Karachi a Holy city and e-mailed him a link to my article, he stated that it was ‘entirely rational’.

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