Psychiatrists’ comments

I complain a lot about psychiatry. Now for some positive feedback I received:

Around 2003, a psychiatrist stated that ‘kafir’ meant the muslim women because they cover their heads. I replied that I wanted to decipher the quran. He said: “If you do that, I’ll call you ‘sir’.’. I then went on to reply that it depends on the context. In one case he was correct, as it turns out.

Another psychiatrist stated that she understood that I wanted to make a more peaceful world by making a friendlier quran translation, but she was concerned about my stress levels.

When I said to another psychiatrist that I moved Hajj to Istanbul because it is the one city I would visit if I could only visit one, he agreed enthousiastically. Also, when I told that psychiatrist I had declared Karachi a Holy city and e-mailed him a link to my article, he stated that it was ‘entirely rational’.

What is the law

Someone mentioned Matthew:5:18 in a blog post.

People with Asperger’s syndrome have a heightened sense of justice.

Pharisees and scribes changing the words in a book will not change this. It doesn’t change. I can pick out these tricks immediately and denounce them.

Basically, the law is not the book. The law is the law, which is written down in a book. It is something that I sense, not read. Other people can then read it. But academics are too stupid to understand what’s going on. Useless.

Outsource your morals

Pewdiepie is a charismatic entertainer on the internet. That’s why he’s currently (barely) still the largest youtuber. However, his moral values are not his specialty. I assume they will be decent, but he messes up every now and then and everyone blames him for promoting a channel because of one video, whereas some of the videos have antisemitic parts which he might not have seen or not have taken offence to because that’s not his strong point.

He can solve this by referring to a moral leader and outsource his morals. Then he can mess up and say it’s wrong based on his own commitment that he made earlier.

Gender nonsense

I wrote a psychological model to create some order into chaos. It is important for mental health care, but can also be useful in politics.

As it is humanities, it is similar to Machiavelli’s work and the story of Genesis: It’s not an exact science.

I didn’t add mathematical formulae because that’s not how humanities work.

However, having these ‘rules’ is better than not having them.

In a recent New York times article scientists explained some more about the differences between men and women. These simply exist. They are just very complicated. 

Just read the article.

The point of the works mentioned is to create some sort of ‘guide’ as I like to say: All youth are troubled.

In the days of the old testament, a lot of temples employed temple prostitutes for money. Some temples in India still do.

A risk that exists is that the prostitute role is ‘normalized’ by the temple officials. Men should just visit the prostitutes so the temple can make money.

It is quite easy to criticize these guidelines afterwards, when science has shown them to be, in fact, correct. It’s just a lot more complicated.

However, because I kept my psychological model simple it is easier to learn and apply. It could be taught in grade school. Even then, still people will mess up and see them as instructions instead of a categorization that is not to be taken too literally.

As I have Asperger’s, for example, I do not reciprocate. However, that is not ‘normal’ and a trait of autism which places it into a disorder type personality.

Internet Archive

My provider, XS4All, has a ‘hackers’ background but was purchased by KPN about twenty years ago. KPN is the former state postal and telecommunications company.

KPN has announced that it will phase out the XS4All brand over time.

The ‘wayback machine’ or internet archives in Europe are hosted by XS4All, and now its future is uncertain.

I have taken the step of requesting the Dutch Royal Library to add my website to their web archives.

I will receive an official e-mail next week.

Orthodox Church of Ukraine

I would like to commend Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I for his decision and would like to express my support regarding the independence of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in this matter.

Nashville statement

Apparently, some U.S. crazies cooked up all the bad ideas about the bible and put it in one document.

I wanted to be the “Einstein of psychology”, but nowadays I would say: “Isaac Newton of humanities” as I have decided Einstein is to be criticised.

It’s not that there was no religion before Genesis. Genesis was written in place of something probably much worse.

It’s basically someone trying to put some order into chaos. It’s not a blueprint for everybody’s life.

A lot of the stories in the old testament are about what NOT to do. The ten commandments then puts these in commandments to get rid of the Egyptian influences in Canaan. Again, putting order in chaos.

If just looking at someone is adultery, that means it’s not something you can be stoned for. It’s basically part of life. Then you paint some ideal situation which does not exist, and accept that. This in place of something far worse, basically saying that certain other behaviour is the goal, which it isn’t. Although some people live crazy lives, it’s not for everybody.

Then there is the problem of the scribes or academics as we now call them. They are the keepers of the documents, but Jesus criticised them on several occasions. We can trust the idea of a prophet and the general message, but taking everything literally is plain wrong as it is the academics who maintain those, and they are clearly not to be trusted even in 2018. That’s why we need religion. To organise some responsible backup for people who need it. Then the academics come and mess up the backup plan for their own failure. Fail people, academics.




I was casually retweeted by some irrelevant Dutch columnist and got some notifications in twitter which I’m not going to read.

In fact, I prefer to not be known in this country.

I sent some e-mails to academics at the end of 2007, but they weren’t answered. Only a few years later I e-mailed press.

People have been telling me I’m Jesus since grade school and I don’t really like it. So I didn’t want to get my face on TV. It’s mostly irrelevant to my work. Anyway academics should have written a proper report on my work and publish it somewhere. It doesn’t belong on TV.

The ‘Arab spring’ (very much bracketed) was started by someone setting himself on fire. It seems that recently three people set themselves on fire because they were dissatisfied with the current situation. This is hardly surprising.

However, and I am putting this in my blog because it will probably lead to a block if I put it on social media, it seems that dead journalists generate more publicity than living ones.

Maybe something to think about if you’re a journalist. Your sensationalism has led to a mark on yourself.

This is what you get from irresponsible behaviour.

Climate change promotors

These people promote climate change, as they confess to themselves. They do this in the largest Dutch newspaper, ‘telegraaf’, which is a pretty bad newspaper. But there are no good Dutch newspapers.

climate change promoters

Main people ruining countries like Bangladesh from the Netherlands are:

Wierd Duk

Syp Wynia

Identity politics

Identity politics is something I ran into when it reached the Netherlands. It’s pathetic.

The proponents of this movement made an unlikely alliance with homophobia- and ‘islamophobia’-opponents. Meaning gay people and muslims.

Even though schizophrenia is more prevalent amongst minorities, they prefer to look down on psychiatric patients and pretend they’re all ‘lesser beings’. Well, as long as it doesn’t happen to you right? Which can happen at any moment.

And about homosexuals- I don’t think they’re all angels. Also, I prefer to keep my life simple. I understand that, scientifically, there’s a lot of nuance to be made on sexuality. However I prefer to keep my life simple and void of these complexities.

Also, people have been calling me Jesus since grade school. The fact that I speak out on the internet about religious issues is reason for some gay people to avoid me. Which is blaming me for the very things I am opposed to. It’s just discrimination and I don’t want to pretend I don’t care.

There are in fact some objectionable parts in islamic scripture - the ones they themselves promote, not mine - and practice. There is a lot going wrong in the islamic world. I am trying to fix things, but they don’t care about that either.

They don’t give a shit about me personally and personally, I don’t give a crap about them. I don’t like being called guilty of things I didn’t do.

© Koos Swart 2013