For romantics

Keep a diary on icloud or something similar and share it with the right people.

If people don’t like what you are doing on facebook, just remove them. You don’t need bad friends.

A note on privacy

Due to recent violence in the U.S. I have put all surveillance options on this website ON.

In the past, I would not make use of cookies or log IP addresses. Statcounter allows me to modify these settings.

But, as violent people apparently are not very careful with their internet behaviour and tend to act on impulse I am turning on all cookies and IP address logging.

Requesting your own information is not possible as I am reforming islam and you would need a security clearance. People might get in trouble for visiting my website so I cannot give out any IP addresses.

I don’t have any staff whatsoever and I can’t be reached at the moment.

If you don’t like it, tough luck. The legislation doesn’t suit my specific situation and I am not recognized as a prophet officially by the government which complicates my life quite a bit. Everything is uncertain.

For more information please check my legal page.

My computer skills

Some people doubt my judgement when they hear I use a mac.

In 1993 I studied some computer science (university of applied sciences). Our first test was to write a computer program ON PAPER, of course with a pencil. The program was about three pages long and I had a 9.6 out of 10.

So yea, I’m pretty good with computers. I just consider them a tool, not a goal in itself.

A girl in our class had a full 10/10 and went to university.

Website update

I’ve been looking at alternatives to youtube videos. Some ads that are shown under these videos are very troubling. I cannot condone these ads.

I pay for youtube, but that does not spare me the alt-right hoax ads on youtube videos which I embed on my website. A lot of my followers are from countries like Indonesia and some of those people don’t understand that most information on the internet is nonsense.

Alternative is vimeo, but it’s not widely supported.

I tried pictures, but most pictures on the web that are suitable for my purposes are ‘trap’ pictures that people use to chase down websites to sue them for royalties. I will have nothing to do with these practices and I’m not going to legitimize pictures that are spread with these intentions.

Currently I’m using vimeo videos as it’s the best option I see, but it’s not perfect.

I updated the frontpage to have larger fonts, and less text to compensate, as most people in Asia use smartphones. I’m no expert on this, but I think the larger font is much more convenient for viewing my website on these devices.

2018 battle for facebook

Can someone explain to Marky Mark what this is?


I am not a big fan of democracy. That has mostly to do with the practicalities of it. My quran translation should define freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, amongst others.

However, ask yourself the following question: “Do we live in a democracy?”. I think the answer would be ‘no’. Because there is a set of rules that dominate the democratic discussions. These rules are not debatable. There are limits to what you can say and do in a democracy. So a democracy is a system that allows for some discussion in decision-making. But an essential are the limits by which it is bound, which is usually a constitution and above that the declaration of human rights.

Above that, bible or quran.

So you do not live in a full ‘democracy’.

You live in a system that gives room for discussion.

What I’m saying is that there is too much room.

Outbound call centers

Outbound callcenters are banned. Here’s why:

I know someone with a mental disability.

When he gets called by some salesperson it takes him ages to get rid of them.

What do they do?

They call again the next day.

He also has people walk up to him on the street and tell him he’s a psychopath and they’re going to kill him. That’s why psychopaths are banned from society.

I guess your anecdotal evidence isn’t worth much at this stage, is it?

You know who does that? donald trump. And my mom.

Geert Wilders

I have 183.000 likes from Pakistan at the moment.

I am currently running a facebook promotion there and I don’t see anything problematic.

Zeeuws meisje

In the Netherlands the media are worked up because a small boy was filmed while interviewing a politician because he has to go back to Iraq.

The politician replied: “So?”.

I have 3.000 likes in Iraq, no one cares. “So?”.

In the Netherlands we call this “to have butter on your head.”.

So I call them “Zeeuws meisje.”.

Seek and ye shall find

When I was 19 I came up with the idea of specialisation in computer graphics, in order to achieve 3d paintings and 3d graffiti. I might also call it ‘virtual surreality’.

After we dropped the idea on a BBS we saw some positive developments and feedback. As I have some trouble with change due to mild autism, I was a bit ‘trippy’. All in all, it was weird but fun.

My mom walked into the room one day and said: “You’re depressed, you can go see a psychologist.”. My first thought was: “Now she’s REALLY gone crazy.”. I refused.

My mother kept insisting and at some point I was talking to a psychologist. I discovered that psychologists can always dig up something bad in your life, that’s why I say: “Seek and ye shall find” when it comes to psychologist visits. I wasn’t really bothered by anything at all.

At some point I decided to go to a bar and have a beer. Next time I went to the psychologist, I told him I was fine and that was that.

Some year later I met Shirley Manson and Butch Vig at a dutch pop festival which invites neo-nazis nowadays and some more interesting things happened.

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