Expenses paid

There was some mixup. I thought my expenses were being paid for, but apparently someone made a mistake. A nurse managed to ‘fix’ the problem but it wasn’t entirely to my liking.

Now, it seems my main expenses are being paid for after all. So I can cool down a little.

It’s not just me whom it concerns. If I don’t get expenses paid, I can’t progress my reforms. A lot of people are involved and it’s hard for me to explain to my followers. Also, I have expenses that need to be paid like computer hardware and software that no one else is paying for because my main source of extra money has bailed out.

Besides, I got expenses paid when I worked in Amsterdam, so it’s not that odd.

The legal issues page has been updated. The economic boycott of Friesland has been reïnstated.

And the green light of the intercept

Talking about Trump, the intercept (and all other media) are giving them the green light as well.

Windows 95 video

When windows ’95 came out it was not as surprising to me as it was to most people, because I had been using nextstep at school for some time. The videos were new, although they were of course sort of a gimmick. I must have been 19 or 20 at the time and preferred the Weezer video. Had this video come out five years later it would probably have been more popular in general as the direction in music went this way with chill CD’s and Erykah Badu being popular, and later Norah Jones.

Iran status as described by NYT

New York times has a decent article on the uproar about Iran, which I’m following closely of course.

Spaceballs - State of the art

One thing I’ll give microsoft is that the music videos that were included in windows ’95 were new, of course mostly fueled by technical advancements.

Demoscene programmers managed to squeeze a more primitive form of animation out of an Amiga. I didn’t watch Amiga demos at the time because I didn’t have one and there was some enmity between the PC and Amiga scenes, but this demo is quite nice, and it seems to have been made before actual video was possible on a PC.

Of course the house music was also very popular at the time, so nostalgia kicks in.

Mass-Energy equivalence

I wrote some years ago that e=mcc is misleading. Mass and energy are expressed in units that we created. They do not match for the equivalence principle. Square of the speed of light seems to happen to work, but it’s sort of coincidental.

There might be some logic behind it, but I haven’t figured any out yet.


I play music on itunes nowadays. Partially because I have a tablet, this tablet uses an app for youtube which keeps showing ads. I pay for itunes anyway. Also, itunes on my tablet allows me to download music and videos. Spotify (I have premium which came with my phone subscription) has no videos so I don’t use it.

Here’s some problems I have with ads:

- I don’t usually have any money to buy the advertised goods.

      I’ve seen psychiatric patients who will never be wealthy enough to buy more than a used bicycle having to sit through advertisements for expensive cars. Nowadays I am shown ads for managers.

- Because of my autism I only care about very specific things.

     I did not study psychology for example. If (when?) google and such manage to discover that someone has autism, at least let them know so they can tell a psychiatrist when they run into one for some reason.

- I pay for itunes music, have a premium spotify subscription that came with my phone subscription, I pay for the New York times even though I can read it on my browser for free, and I have a subscription to a Dutch newspaper even though I can read a paper version at the pub. It’s not that I don’t want to pay for stuff, but I don’t have the option to pay for youtube in this country. I would if I could.

- I don’t want to leave my credit card credentials everywhere so I don’t pay for everything. This concerns basically patreon, who have also leaked a password of mine apparently. So did linkedin by the way, they leaked a password AFTER I HAD DISABLED MY ACCOUNT. Have a proper model for receiving payments, like something that uses itunes like the newspapers I’m subscribed to.

- People don’t pay me anything either.

- I advocate a decent base income, you can support that but you don’t.

School performance and ethnicity

This was a hotly debated topic recently in the Netherlands. Let’s call it a storm in a glass of water.

This video is from 2011, which should tell you something about the level of the debate in this country.


Wow, it’s my favourite cartoon character.

Facebook in the developing world

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