Draghi is a piece of shit

There are basically three ways to pump money into the economy:

  1. Give it to the poor in the form of a base income
  2. Raise interest rates
  3. Give free money to the 1%.

Mario Draghi of the ECB has chosen option 3.

Wasting time

There’s nobody here.

There is no money.

There is no progress.

You people are wasting my time.

People are dying, and the people with money are to blame.

Nobody cares about me.

I can die any minute, nobody cares.

Tell me again why I should respect human life.


When I play world of warcraft, sometimes a player /spits on me. Apparently some streamer called asmongold is telling people to do that.

So measures to be taken:

  • All of asmongolds content is to be removed from the internet.
  • asmongolds internet and phone access is to be denied. Make him write letters and work at a grocery store.

People /spitting on me:

Death of Pax Romana model

After world war II a sort of “Pax Americana” came into being. The western victors of the war openen up international trade to the extent that this model is no longer viable. Instead, we are moving towards an increasing interdepencency of major powers. This means one world depending on peace in general.

I would like to call this “Pax Populis” as it is the quality of life for the people that rules the world. Any major war would reduce the quality of life everywhere, and people don’t want to lose what they have.

We need basically every major world power trading with each other, or we lose a large part of our well-being.

This calls for even more world governance than the types that caused this Pax Populis.

Morality with religion

Frans de Waal did a very interesting TED-talk on morality without religion (ads not supported).

The question is not what religion needs to change, but the difference it makes to start writing things down. Are you writing down the correct moralities or are you warping them?

We can clearly tell from contemporary politics that people can get really popular and wealthy by selling perversions.

Once you start writing things down, you need to be correct about them.

That is why there is only one God in the bible.

Some people make up crazy stuff.

Besides this point, there is the issue of bad instincts. Not all instincts are good. Reciprocation is a very important factor in human behaviour, but it can also lead to circles of violence. Jesus said in the new testament to turn the other cheek, which is a moral value not obvious from nature.

For romantics

Keep a diary and share it with the right people.

If people don’t like what you’re doing on facebook, remove them. You don’t need bad friends.

Dies Irae

Some more music which is appropriate for the occasion:

Dies Irae.

Music starts at 0:52:

The case of donald trump

The case of donald trump is that he is a psychopath. They’re good for nothing but can manipulate people very well. Apparently trump has managed to manipulate large amounts of people.

As a former stalker victim I have decided in 2014 (check internet archives) that psychopaths are to be permanently removed from society as a preventive measure.

That way, they can’t manipulate people and that way won’t do lots of damage.

donald trump is also known as the little horn from ‘Daniel’.

He does not have any sense of remorse and will simply laugh about any damage he causes. There is no point in arguing with him. Just remove him from society.

Contribute to islamic reforms

I could use some help with judgement day.

If you want to make a donation, you can use my paypal account. I hope to be able to switch to another payments processor (Apple pay?), as paypal has some serious reliability problems and, apparently, bad customer service.

I could use fundraisers.

I also need people to collect "reform tax" and fines.

I will need to be feared.

Someone to help me with the website and social media management.

A facilities manager.

Computer systems administrator.

A driver (in possession of car, I don’t own one).

People willing and able to help with the quran translation are always welcome.

If you are not able to help in any of these ways, you can always share or retweet my posts.

Advertising costs money and is very expensive in western countries (and Turkey).

Solution for incels


I have a solution. It costs some money, but girlfriends aren’t free either, plus they might run off with your life savings.

This is a very good way to make sure you know what you’re spending.

Also, practice makes perfect. Seeing as you’re not getting practice elsewhere, might as well use this method. Once you have a girlfriend, at least you will know what to do. This will make you more confident in your relationship, which will help when dealing with a crisis.

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