I live in a protected housing for people with autism.

Recently a neighbour had a complaint about a chore that another person here should have been doing and instead of speaking to the staff he addressed me as “buddy” in the disrespectful sense.

This is why psychiatric patients shoot random people in supermarkets and this is why I laugh about it.

The case of donald trump

The case of donald trump is that he is a psychopath. They’re good for nothing but can manipulate people very well. Apparently trump has managed to manipulate large amounts of people.

As a former stalker victim I have decided in 2014 (check internet archives) that psychopaths are to be permanently removed from society as a preventive measure.

That way, they can’t manipulate people and that way won’t do lots of damage.

donald trump is also known as the little horn from ‘Daniel’.

He does not have any sense of remorse and will simply laugh about any damage he causes. There is no point in arguing with him. Just remove him from society.

Dies Irae

Some famous classical work was based on judgement day. I found it not really fitting for the frontpage or even the quran page, so I’ll just leave them here. Lyrics are on wikipedia, the sound in the top video starts at 0:52:

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Advertising costs money and is very expensive in western countries (and Turkey).

Solution for incels


I have a solution. It costs some money, but girlfriends aren’t free either, plus they might run off with your life savings.

This is a very good way to make sure you know what you’re spending.

Also, practice makes perfect. Seeing as you’re not getting practice elsewhere, might as well use this method. Once you have a girlfriend, at least you will know what to do.

The case of ISIS

This blog is a sequel to the case of the twin towers attack.

I am doing case studies of current events to explain how my psychological model works.

After 9/11, the a community tended to feel the need to reciprocate.

This led to a double punitive expedition. One to Afghanistan and one to Iraq.

This caused a lot of damage to Iraq in particular. Also because the U.S. grossly mismanaged the entire thing because the republican party is made up entirely out of idiots.

This created a desire to reciprocate on the side of the islamic community. ISIS filled this void, that’s why it has so much support still.

It is not about good or evil. It is about instinctive behaviour.


When I was at Kuno’s place, the video for ‘firestarter’ was on TV. His father asked me: “What do you think of it, Koos?”. I replied: “It’s me.”. He said something along the lines of: “Your response is telling.”.

Loch Modan

When I play role playing games I usually start with rogues or thieves. So in world of warcraft, I started with a rogue. I met another rogue, not a very good combination in a sense because we didn’t have a healer or ‘tank’  but we did have some fun together playing in the middle of the night. At some point we were sitting by some lake (which is now dry), fishing without having a clue about how most players play the game. We were just fishing and chatting.

He asked me what I did in real life. I replied I was an inventor and I translated poetry. He said I reminded him of this song:

Blog post restored thanks to the internet archive. I just noticed it started archiving my website on a weekly basis instead of once a year. Nice to know.

Baradin Bay

When I started playing world of warcraft, I made a rogue as I have been doing in RPG’s since the 80’s. As professions I picked mining and blacksmithing so I could make my own weapons. However I kept getting killed by monsters lurking around the copper veins, so I swapped to alchemy and enchanting with the intention of buying materials from the very safe auction house. Result: I was very poor.

As I needed gold, I asked the guild master if I could take weapons and armour from the guild bank to disenchant and that was OK. As I now know I’m sure they were glad to get rid of that junk.

At some point i got an alchemy recipe: free action potion. As it theoretically seemed great for pvp, I figured I could make some gold. I went to study online resources and discovered that I would need a fish called ‘oily blackmouth’ and I had to go to a place called “Baradin bay” to fish them. Baradin bay is also a place where ships come in heading for Kalimdor and Northrend.

I haven’t made any money off the free action potion but I got lucky with the recipe for Vial of the Sands. I managed to make one (very expensive at the time) and sold it for profit. After selling a couple I could afford to get myself one and kept selling them. I got rich off this mount.

By the time the current expansion “Battle for Azeroth” came out, I had made over 8 million gold and managed to buy the auction house mount. So I managed to solve my cashflow problems pretty well.

Baradin bay was wrecked in the cataclysm and so far it hasn’t been repaired unfortunately. It was sort of fun to sit there fishing, thinking I was going to be rich and playing this song:

How things work

I have Asperger’s syndrome and due to some psychopaths I ended up in psychiatry.

When people end up in psychiatry later in life, their relationships tend to fall apart. They’re single. Then you have to look for someone who will work with you despite the problems. Often another psychiatric patient.

When you start off in psychiatry at a younger age, things are even worse. I live in a city which prides itself on being a ‘student city’. Students are entirely worthless to a psychiatric patient. They don’t want to work with you on your problems.

There is no way this is going to change. It’s just the way it is.

Some people seem to think shouting “discrimination!” will change things. It won’t.

I tried some Eritrean food a few weeks ago. It was horrible. The cook thought it was the saffron.

I know a doctor who used to work in Africa, he hated the food as well.

We hate African food. Is that discrimination? It’s horrible, sorry. I don’t care what you call it.

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