Juice (Know the ledge)

Basically, 1999-2007. It is followed directly by One Eight Seven.


If you’re in a closed cabin in a plane, yes, the lipstick will drop down. Try flying at that speed in an open frame and then drop the lipstick, see what happens.

So, relativity is nonsense.


I understand that with new technology it’s easier to reach more people for less money, but can we please put this guy with his “info war” in a psychiatric ward? Some people actually watch his channel. So if we put Alex Jones in a psychiatric hospital, we won’t have as much of his followers to throw in there. Solve the problem at the source.

Take me to the hospital

Also probably inspired by my photo series on the psychiatric ward. The photo series is also relevant to the hip-hop community.

Poker Face

Probably inspired by my “One Eight Seven” photo. It deserved some recognition as the picture worked out really well. It is also relevant to the hip-hop community and its relation to psychiatry.

Planck’s constant

Jordan Peterson on reciprocity

I’m sure if you flip the story to negative responses, you will understand my legal affairs.

Some Jordan Peterson video

The surprising science of happiness

Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote

Most important to me is the presentation of Swift Playgrounds at 1:45:05.

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