I don’t like youtube for what I do. It is too easy for people to frustrate the reforms. The blocking and other social functionalities are inadequate for my purposes. So I’m trying vimeo. Let’s see what happens.


In an earlier blog I referred to Daniel:2. This sums up a number of kingdoms, the last of which seems to be western society which is very strong but also very divided.

This points out an important difference in history.

Older states were:

  • Roman empire
  • Persian empire
  • Arab and persian caliphates
  • Ottoman empire

In general, these empires waged war for profit. This no longer works. Industrialization made the regular economy more profitable than war.

The romans threw slaves in the colosseum. The Ottomans enlisted children in their army. I’m sure there are several other stories to be told about slavery, but it is not the main point.

All in all, several things have been abolished by western society: war is not what it used to be since world war 2, chemical weapons have been abolished. Proliferation of nuclear weapons is being reduced.

Slavery has been abolished and made illegal.

Progress has been strong in our time, although it’s not finished. I’m pushing for more. However, insisting on obliging “the white race” to feel guilty about slave trade when in fact western society abolished it is entirely out of touch with reality and it’s racism. It is also not constructive. We abolished several things that used to be normal because technology and civil activism made it possible, kind of pointless to labour the point.

If you are fighting stupidity, maybe do it so that you don’t piss me off.

Western society has done a lot to fight diseases like polio and poverty. Technological advancement has been enormous and many people have profited. Medical experts seem to think that the smartphone is the most important invention when it comes to health, because so many more people have access to medical information.

The lefts sacriledge

I would like to stress that unless the left acknowledges the need for change in the islamic world itself, the left as we know it will be gone.

So far, left-wing media both old and new continuously ignore me, or even block me on facebook. That is sacrilege which doesn’t have to be noted by me personally. Anyone can see it.

The last ditch effort is to blame everything on white people as a race. Fight evil with evil, is that the new rule of the left?

When I studied computer science in the mid 90’s, we had one female class member. She got a straight 10/10 on her first test and went to university. There was one person of Turkish descent who couldn’t keep up and quit. There were four female foreign exchange students.

All in all, we ended up with 60 white males around 20 year old.

I also studied industrial business adminstration. 20 students, 4 female. You can’t get a management position if you don’t go to the right school, stop complaining. The students were all as Dutch as they get.

I launched an invention in the demoscene, a computer art scene, and from there I built a network. There were no women nor any minorities in that scene. Just mostly white males and most of the work came from scandinavia. I saw one person with an arabic name, but he didn’t really appear as an actual artist. He was only active in a chatbox.

Does that make me a criminal? Recently I still saw a female news show host taking pride in not understanding the very tools she uses to make money. Is that still cool? I thought we were over it. If you don’t understand the tools you use and don’t study business administration, you will not get a management position.

If you want to accomplish something in your life, get real and start playing along. Don’t blame white males for your problems, they are busy fixing problems like polio and world poverty and can’t be bothered by lazy profiteers who claim victimhood without taking responsibility for their own future.


Apparently I’m supposed to be pleased with holiday wishes.

Not really bothering people with the fact that women and academics won’t touch psychiatric patients unless they get paid for it. Literally.

And the fact that I was hospitalized in 2007, for four and a half months, and practically no one bothered to come visit. Maybe I should have offered money for it.

Play pretend elsewhere with your fake words, I’m not impressed.

Planned obsolescence

I studied industrial business administration. A teacher explained that it was possible to make light bulbs that last forever, but they would consume a lot more power and would therefore be more expensive in the end. Another thing he mentioned was that, in an office building, changing the lights was more expensive than the lights themselves.

Electronics which last very long do exist. They are used in satellites and such (like voyager for example). There are companies specialized in this field. A Dutch company got them involved in the making of electronics for a nuclear fusion generator.

These electronics are a lot more expensive. If you couple that with the (apparently) fact that the average person buys a new smartphone every 11 months (good going, not) it is very unlikely that a space electronics manufacturer will ever be able to profitably sell an ever-lasting smartphone.


In general job interviews have been shown to be a bad way to select applicants who want to work for you. It is impossible to find the right links in all the job interview mess on the internet, but it’s been found to not work.

Especially in IT jobs, selecting staff based on interviews (charisma) is a bad idea. That’s why IT projects tend to cost millions more than projected.

With my Asperger’s, I have a handicap when it comes to job interviews. That’s why I hardly ever get a job.

Is that “institutionalism”? No, it is an inherently bad system which works for nobody, but it also works in my disadvantage. Nobody designed it to badger autistic people. It wasn’t designed at all. It just came into being over time, even though it is terrible. Also, it is very hard to fix.

There is no institutionalised discrimination of people with autism in job interviews. Job interviews are a bad idea overall, nobody benefits, but I wish you good luck trying to change the system.

It was not created.

If you would state that there is some kind of purposefully created discrimination that you are bothered by, you are a conspiracy theorist and I don’t take it seriously.


As you can see I am taking it easy with the facebook promotions. People will have to adjust to my presence on the internet and that takes some time. For myself as well.

For every 1000 people I reach with my promotions, 1300 watch the page. 200 of these also ‘like’ the page. I think these statistics are very good.

Facebook seems to change things without explanation. The hijacking of qiyamat is a noted offense.

United states of America

Republican party is banned. US leaders are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who are to implement my laws and strip the excessively rich in the US of their assets.


Enigma is known for using existing themes and putting them in a more modern song. This is not new. It was done at least twice, by Verdi and Mozart, with requiem.

Zwarte piet

I banned black pete because I never liked him. I want him gone, and if I want him gone it is a commandment. If you dress up as zwarte piet, it is at your own risk. I am not responsible for the consequences.

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