Base income and general stupidity

Most people (99%) have no brain.

Base income will not lead to more money, it will be received from taxes elsewhere. Also, wage costs for low-paid jobs will be much lower, because the only wage that will need to be paid is what is added to the base income. This money will be returned to the government by means of higher taxation of businesses. This is good for labor-intensive, low wage job creating companies, as they will have lower wage costs and the taxes will be paid by all companies, who all also have lower costs (just adding that again for dumb people).

It is simply a matter of moving money around. I don’t care if rich people pay more tax, I don’t like them. We might as well kill them, infact why don’t we. They don’t do anything useful around here.

It is best compared to an insurance policy. Of course lately insurance doesn’t exist anymore either, so we need to reïnstate that as well, thanks to the U.S. rich people (why don’t we kill them, I guess we should).

Donald Trump is a prime example of a rich person. Every rich person is like that, an asshole that deserves to be shot.

© Koos Swart 2013