Base income

Basically the base income I set is based on:

  1. 1/4 housing
  2. 1/4 food and other groceries
  3. 1/4 social life
  4. 1/4 luxury items

Some takes on base income:

  • Fertility rate is dropping in western countries. This is just bad. Having a guaranteed income would increase the fertility rate and decrease the aging of the population.
  • Some people would stop working, most notably psychopaths who dont belong in society in the first place and people who have been told in school theyre no good for anything. They’ll feel less motivated, most likely, but it’s maybe simply a fact that they are not good for any jobs. Also, who would want to hire someone who doesn’t want to work?
  • Psychopaths abuse dependancy. This leads to child porn, among other things.
  • If people don’t work for money, fulfilment, or simply to pass the time, they might work for career opportunities. After all, the base income is not a maximum. If you want to get ahead in business, you need experience and contacts.
  • Define “work”. Lots of things could be considered work. Nowadays we have volunteer work. Also, I’ve been told women make less because they often perform jobs that earn less. However, ironically, these jobs are also the most useful to society.
  • People in poverty make bad decisions, which makes it very hard to escape from it on your own. Also, the only other sensible alternative would be to not let poor people vote as it has been scientifically proven they make bad decisions.
  • When opposing a decent base income, don’t start by thinking about the deadbeats. Think about nurses, psychiatric patients who cannot solve their own problems and will never find a job, retired people, disabled people and all the people caring for them.
  • Companies prefer a flexible employment market. This cannot really be a success if the employees are not flexible. A decent base income will make the working people flexible as well.
  • People who ‘judge’ who is to receive benefits and who isn’t aren’t capable of sound judgement. No one is, but if these people were competent they would have had a decent job.
  • Without an income you lose your bank account, then you lose your health insurance etcetera. The costs of this are unmeasured at this point.

© Koos Swart 2013