Boycott Friesland

In 2018, Leeuwarden is European capital of culture. However I wasn’t involved in the organisation and I disagree with the setup. First of all, I don’t like museums. They have too many people and too little information. I prefer reading on wikipedia at home. Live music is torture to my ears due to my Asperger’s sensitivity.

What upsets me most is that the municipality is trying to brush everything that is not ‘proper’ under the carpet. It’s not as bad as in Rio where they actually shot people, but it makes you wonder if they’d not prefer to get rid of all the poverty that way. As these things are the basis of my work it does not match.

Again, I have mailed the organisation but they didn’t even bother to answer.

Just boycott everything ‘Friesland’ until 1-1-2019, including dairy products. Everything I valued about this city is being destroyed for a one-year event which isn’t going to be known to most people.

Islamic reforms will continue. Istanbul and Karachi are more interesting cities to visit anyway, so I encourage you to go there to have a look.

© Koos Swart 2013