Dogs are shit animals

I live in a small city near a river with a strand of nature following it, and a path for bikers. When I go do some shopping I can take the scenic route along the biking path.

However, a lot of bikers consider it a sort of hyper loop for bicycles. It runs through the city, but there are no cars around.

Also, everybody in the wide vicinity walks their dogs there, so it is straddled with dog poo.

This morning a shitty little dog came up barking to me. I complained to the owner, it wasn’t on a leash, which wasn’t the first time that happened.

According to the owner, it was my fault. Somehow my ‘emotional state’ forced the dog to bark at me. You can say that to your equally dumb neighbour between exchanging homeotherapy tips, but not to a total stranger. It is extremely rude.

Apparently I have telepathic powers which force dogs to bark at me without knowing it. Do you have any idea how retarded that sounds? How about this: I don’t give a shit about whatever kind of bullshit animal you want to keep. I hate animals so keep them away from me. I don’t live in a zoo.

This strand of nature running through the city is entirely ruined by retards who don’t consider other people to be of equal worth. It is the strand of Sodom in the city of Leeuwarden.

© Koos Swart 2013