Dumb and dumber

The cause for the fall of Babylon (U.S. and U.K.) is the fact that the two parties are split up between dumb and dumber.

If you vote for the republican party (starting with reagan) you were and/or are clearly a moron.

Coupled with the fact that the other party isn’t very decent of an option either, most people stop voting and the dumbest people of the country win.

This is why I oppose elections.

Some basic parts of a democracy are basically ensured by my quran translation. However the higher up you go up the ladder (the more global your politics become) the less people can understand.

When a mayor closes a house because it has drug dealers in it, everyone can agree on that. However when it comes to bigger issues the halfwits that most people are fail to grasp their workings and show how dumb they are. Very.

Article about this topic in the New York Times.

© Koos Swart 2013