Dutch CDA political party

This political party in the Netherlands had me intimidated by Dutch police and D.A.’s office to cover for a corrupt housing corporation. Of course, when you have money and friends in high places, the police start walking. If you report stalkers after several years of waiting for evidence, after your employer reported them to the police, chances are you’ll just get laughed at. “Are you rich? No? LOL!”.

Anyway, as you can see they are advertising on how to become an important person. The solution is to join the party. If you don’t want to become important, there’s no reason to join, so most people don’t. The ones that do have no backbone as there are no christians in this country to speak of. All they do is spew populist ideas to steal voters from the populist parties.

They claim to be christian but in fact they spit on the poor. Prostitutes, psychiatric patients, muslims, coffeeshops, they hate all the fun stuff in this country and want to turn everyone into ‘family’. In reality, families are becoming less and less popular. Also, christianity is not about families.

The prominents they are advertising with might disagree with the use of their photos. Some of their former members cancelled their membership because they formed a coalition with the populist party. Also, in those days people joined a party with ideals. Nowadays all you get when you donate money to them is a sponsorship of one of these wankers who want to become important through politics. You dont become important by doing what idiots tell you to do. Thats a special kind of stupid.

So I just banned it. Not that it changes anything, its just a formality. They don’t understand basic principles of life. Therefore they are a danger to themselves. I’m not going to stop islamic reforms because there’s a political party full of idiots who just won’t stop trying to become important.

© Koos Swart 2013