Economic growth

If people don’t receive more pay, there is no economic growth.

There’s just a handful of rich people and companies making each other richer.

People are being exploited.

However, prices of houses are linked to income. If income doesn’t go up, prices of houses can’t go up either.

Nothing grows. There is no economic growth, and we don’t need it.

My plans for a reasonable base income and capping wealth on some weirdo criminals is a perfectly fine long-term solution as it doesn’t require economic growth. The base income is enough for a house, groceries, a social life and some extra stuff like washing machines and such, or smartphones if you need one. There is no need for more, unless you are a public figure. Then you might want to ‘buy’ some extra privacy which normal people have already because they’re not public figures.

© Koos Swart 2013