Google data management

I read an article boasting about how much data Google keeps of you.

I went into the privacy tools Google offers, and it turns out it is quite easy to get rid of: simply select “all time” and “all apps” and it deletes everything. So I just did that. I use privacy tools nowadays, and itunes for music.

Saves me the job of looking through everything.

I removed google from my legal issues list, where they were listed for espionage, on the assumption that they will abide by the law and actually delete all the data as promised.

Facebook does not offer the option of removing your data, apart from deleting your account entirely. This is a bit harsh as people might have changed their lives drastically and don’t want to continue old habits. Deleting data apart from deleting your entire account has to be possible. Facebook is still listed on my legal issues list for espionage and several other cases of sacrilege.

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