Human behaviour game

It is hard to spot “normal” because human beings are born to keep each other apart. We notice differences in each other. To see what is normal requires brain training and a serious game is a necessity. This problem will not be solved without serious games.

Some traits from the model, like creativity, are not present in everyone. This is not considered a disorder. Something like autism is, as far as I know, just some trouble in dealing with social situations and misunderstanding humor, which is basically just two lines from the psychological model. It can be used as a checklist to diagnose people, and certain combinations of problems can be grouped as disorders. Then maybe new assessments can be made of what medication works to alleviate certain problems. Also note that this means that people are more aware of what is not wrong (or even better than usual) with people, instead of talking only about problems.

A good (and free) example of a serious game is Swift Playgrounds by Apple.

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