In general job interviews have been shown to be a bad way to select applicants who want to work for you.

Especially in IT jobs, selecting staff based on interviews (charisma) is a bad idea. That’s why IT projects tend to cost millions more than projected.

With my Asperger’s, I have a handicap when it comes to job interviews. That’s why I hardly ever get a job.

Is that “institutionalism”? No, it is an inherently bad system which works for nobody, but it also works in my disadvantage. Nobody designed it to badger autistic people. It wasn’t designed at all. It just came into being over time, even though it is terrible. Also, it is very hard to fix.

There is no institutionalised discrimination of people with autism in job interviews. Job interviews are a bad idea overall, nobody benefits, but I wish you good luck trying to change the system.

It was not created.

If you would state that there is some kind of purposefully created discrimination that you are bothered by, you are a conspiracy theorist and I don’t take it seriously.

© Koos Swart 2013