Israël / fights with God

In grade school I was friends with someone who later became a singer. I became friends with him in kindergarten. In the 5th grade he was quite preoccupied with girls and other kids started to bully him. I mean the whole lot of them. I helped him out every now and then as I preferred going against the grain.

After first communion, a katholic ritual, he came up to me and said I floated above the ground and I was jesus.

When I started going out, some friends of mine started harassing a girl. A sister of a former classmate from grade school. A friend of mine told them off, but they wouldn’t listen. She said: “help” and I moved in between the girl and the two friends. They started picking on me and I gave them an angry look and chased them off. One of them apologized and said my eyes “shot fire”. He had heard my friend from grade school say I was Jesus and he was apparently also wondering if this was indeed the case.

When I met Shirley Manson, that same friend who apologized was with me and I spoke a long-stretched ‘d’. This is not possible, try it.

Check my page on “real life” for the details.

When I was first hospitalized in a mental institution I saw God myself. Quite impressive. I became a fanatical muslim. Not something for the faint. I still receive continuous feet massages to this day. Also, I’ve learned that punishment just makes people angry and doesn’t work.

In 2005 I met someone who ended up motivating me to start working for myself again. God started prophecying to her through my mouth that everything I said was true. It was, as it turned out. That is now past.

In case you missed these events, there are photos here and here.

Work in progress.

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