First of all, I don’t like the latinization of bible names (adding -us). When you’re used to the islamic names it gets really annoying.

Back in the days, bibles were copied manually. This led to differences in the copies.

Jesus mentioned this, he was angry. The scribes had changed the laws.

However, the rules are secured in the bible itself. By the ten commandments for example.

If you look at the bible as a whole, you can easily spot which parts were not supposed to be there based on the rest of the texts.

Thorough study shows that things like stoning do not belong in the bible. This can be concluded from the bible itself.

Jesus merely pointed these things out, but apparently some people didn’t like it and destroyed his work.

The work got ‘resurrected’ by the stories people told about it, which were collected in the gospels.

© Koos Swart 2013