I bought a laptop, just for ‘work’.

I was really stressed out and after I was sitting someplace thinking: “Everyone hates me.”.

Well, no one has proven me otherwise. I have no house and no one is talking to me.

Everybody is crazy except they think I’m somehow crazy.

That’s because everyone hates me.

It’s your fault.


I traded in my old powerbook 12” that I used to work on the quran with. I am afraid the battery will start to leak and after 16 years it belongs in a workshop and not in a living room. It was a bit smelly but I was told it would be put in their mini-museum as they didn’t have it yet. Otherwise it would be recycled. Either way they would erase the hard drive.

I swapped out the hard drive myself in 2006 after the original was was broken. I worked on the quran using large PDF’s which I downloaded here. I had to put my own bookmarks in Apple’s ‘preview’ app to be able to work somewhat fast.

After a couple of years Tyndale archives put up a website with an index for browsers and I stopped using the PDF’s. I also got a better mac in 2009 (a used one) which I still have here.

Nowadays there are several good options to choose from. They seem to be listed on the wikipedia page for the lexicon.

Edit 25-1-2019:

Edited and uploaded using the new laptop. This means I can go on holiday and have a spare system in case my iMac stops working.

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