Leeuwarden 2007

When my stalking rubbish got out of hand I stayed at home and went to the police. A psychiatric nurse came by, but didn’t do anything. I was working on the quran. I had already found BSM (smiling) at the end of 2006, but I discovered ALM (painful) as a word in the dictionary and put it up with some other rubbish on hyves.nl, I think it was.

I got a bit too enthousiastic I guess. I was pissed off at the least.

I had had some blackouts due to the extreme differences between the regular quran translations and the words I found myself in the dictionary. Also I had quit my medication after discussing with my psychiatrist. I was taking them 5 years longer than the guidelines prescribed anyway, as the psychiatrist told me AFTERWARDS (I hate these guys).

Kind of related to the previous post.

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