Urtica (stinging nettles) - When I was a kid, open water used to work. Just stick your hand in it as quickly as possible after touching the plant. [Addition:] Apparently this is known about stinging nettles when it comes to cooking them. The poison dissolves in water.

Mosquito bites - Use a piece of cloth to rub some common soap in. [Addition:] I searched the internet for a bit and found another page with more advice. Apparently you can also simply rub the soap over the bite. The soap cleans out the bacteria that are left behind by mosquitoes and which cause small infections.

Foot cramp - After over ten years of trouble I discovered that the best way of dealing with foot cramps is putting your toes flat on the floor and moving your heel around so all bones start moving around, they will instantly pop into their right place. If you hold your foot still, be prepared for pain.

Quitting smoking: what worked quite well for me is focusing on a pleasant memory by repeating an old habit that relates to it.

Photo’s/video recordings: non-verbal communication can mess up pictures taken of you. The non-verbal communication can well be caused by the person taking the picture. If you have your picture taken, think of someone who will see the picture. Of course you look at the camera, but try to generate non-verbal communication related to a person. Otherwise you might look bad on the picture because your non-verbal communication towards a device isn’t very exciting.

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