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With the release of the new “World of Warcraft”-expansion there has been an upgrade to the WoW graphics engine and players are scrambling to get it to work for them. Suggestions are being spread through the “World of Warcraft”-forums and I might as well put some here. They can also be useful for other games, I guess. I don’t play other games :p.

If you right-click the app and choose “info”, you can choose “open in low resolution”. This will open the game in a low resolution without changing the rest of your system.

If you want to change the resolution of your entire mac display, go to ‘preferences’->’displays’ and option-click ’scaled’. Check “show low resolution modes” and there you see some options to change your entire mac display to a lower resolution (5k gaming really isn’t viable yet with any graphics card).

GPU and CPU usage monitor: If you open ‘activity monitor’, then go to the ‘window’-menu and open “GPU history” you can monitor the usage of your GPU. There is also an option to check the usage of your CPU.

Intel application: Intel has released a mac version of their CPU monitoring sofware. This will show you the utilization and temperature of your CPU.

There is an app called ‘macs fan control’ but I would advise against using it if you don’t know what you’re doing. I use it because there is no “AMD power gadget” like intel has released for the CPU. It appears an “AMD power gadget” exists for PC so I complained with AMD about the lack of a tool for the mac. It would appear the imac’s CPU and GPU are cooled enough to stay at 80 degrees C or below.

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