Mao Zedong

People like to view Mao Zedong as a dictator who killed (a lot) more people than any other dictator we know of ever has.

This is how I view him after doing a little bit of critical wikipedia reading of my own.

Around 1920 industrialization had taken off in agriculture in the west. But in China people were still doing manual labour. The local elite refused to invest in machines.

So a revolution took place, after which a new elite refused to invest in machines as well.

So another revolution took place, this time directed from the top down. Still no improvement.

So Mao decided to kickstart industrialization from the top down, which is very difficult to plan. That’s why there’s middle management.

After that, China was an industrialized country. Nowadays it is basically the largest economy in the world. Mission accomplished.

© Koos Swart 2013