My first mac

In 2003 (or late in 2002) I bought my first mac. A 12” powerbook. At the end of 2006 I ordered internet for the first time since I left my parents’ house (that was in ’98 I think) to work on my quran translation. Around the same time I replaced the hard drive in the powerbook myself, since the original one was broken and local stores wouldn’t replace it. It was too old and I must say the powerbook is dented as a result and some screws are missing. It used to be really hard to replace hard drives in old laptops, now it is a lot easier.

I worked on my quran translation on it, I think I translated the first 12 short poems on it. When “Magnificent” by U2 came out, I decided to buy an iMac as the powerbook isn’t fast enough to play videos on youtube. I still have that iMac. I  started playing World of Warcraft on it. Now I use a newer iMac.

So that powerbook is the one I used to start translating the quran on, the work on which “Magnificent” by U2 was based.

It is for sale. What you see is an old version of my translation of al-alaq. The file was saved on the 22nd of may 2009. I got better.

© Koos Swart 2013