My psychiatric ‘condition'

As is clear from some of my communications I take medicine. After 16 years I found a psychiatrist who knows something about Asperger’s and here’s the deal: I take medicine now because it helps with:

  1. Enthusiasm, because it’s fun.
  2. Oversensitivity to input. For example fireworks, but without medication any sudden noise will send me jumping into the air.
  3. Problems with change. Because my brain processes many details and connections between them, severe change requires a lot of processing time. This can lead to blackouts, and it has in my case. This is not unique for my case.
  4. Stress. Since december 2009 I have been drinking to get rid of stress after I suddenly had to start working fulltime, but at the end of the summer of 2015 it was quite easy for me to quit drinking because I received more medication to get rid of that stress.

As far as I know there is no reason to doubt my credibility.

2 Dec 2016

Found a decent youtube video on the subject (the other ones I found are too personal and I can’t identify myself with them)

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