In an earlier blog I referred to Daniel:2. This sums up a number of kingdoms, the last of which seems to be western society which is very strong but also very divided.

This points out an important difference in history.

Older states were:

  • Roman empire
  • Persian empire
  • Arab and persian caliphates
  • Ottoman empire

In general, these empires waged war for profit. This no longer works. Industrialization made the regular economy more profitable than war.

The romans threw slaves in the colosseum. The Ottomans enlisted children in their army. I’m sure there are several other stories to be told about slavery, but it is not the main point.

All in all, several things have been abolished by western society: war is not what it used to be since world war 2, chemical weapons have been abolished. Proliferation of nuclear weapons is being reduced.

Slavery has been abolished and made illegal.

Progress has been strong in our time, although it’s not finished. I’m pushing for more. However, insisting on obliging “the white race” to feel guilty about slave trade when in fact western society abolished it is entirely out of touch with reality and it’s racism. It is also not constructive. We abolished several things that used to be normal because technology and civil activism made it possible, kind of pointless to labour the point.

If you are fighting stupidity, maybe do it so that you don’t piss me off.

Western society has done a lot to fight diseases like polio and poverty. Technological advancement has been enormous and many people have profited. Medical experts seem to think that the smartphone is the most important invention when it comes to health, because so many more people have access to medical information.

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