Seek and ye shall find

When I was 19 I came up with the idea of specialisation in computer graphics, in order to achieve 3d paintings and 3d graffiti. I might also call it ‘virtual surreality’.

After we dropped the idea on a BBS we saw some positive developments and feedback. As I have some trouble with change due to mild autism, I was a bit ‘trippy’. All in all, it was weird but fun.

My mom walked into the room one day and said: “You’re depressed, you can go see a psychologist.”. My first thought was: “Now she’s REALLY gone crazy.”. I refused.

My mother kept insisting and at some point I was talking to a psychologist. I discovered that psychologists can always dig up something bad in your life, that’s why I say: “Seek and ye shall find” when it comes to psychologist visits. I wasn’t really bothered by anything at all.

At some point I decided to go to a bar and have a beer. Next time I went to the psychologist, I told him I was fine and that was that.

Some year later I met Shirley Manson and Butch Vig at a dutch pop festival which invites neo-nazis nowadays and some more interesting things happened.

© Koos Swart 2013