The lefts sacriledge

I would like to stress that unless the left acknowledges the need for change in the islamic world itself, the left as we know it will be gone.

So far, left-wing media both old and new continuously ignore me, or even block me on facebook. That is sacrilege which doesn’t have to be noted by me personally. Anyone can see it.

The last ditch effort is to blame everything on white people as a race. Fight evil with evil, is that the new rule of the left?

When I studied computer science in the mid 90’s, we had one female class member. She got a straight 10/10 on her first test and went to university. There was one person of Turkish descent who couldn’t keep up and quit. There were four female foreign exchange students.

All in all, we ended up with 60 white males around 20 year old.

I also studied industrial business adminstration. 20 students, 4 female. You can’t get a management position if you don’t go to the right school, stop complaining. The students were all as Dutch as they get.

I launched an invention in the demoscene, a computer art scene, and from there I built a network. There were no women nor any minorities in that scene. Just mostly white males and most of the work came from scandinavia. I saw one person with an arabic name, but he didn’t really appear as an actual artist. He was only active in a chatbox.

Does that make me a criminal? Recently I still saw a female news show host taking pride in not understanding the very tools she uses to make money. Is that still cool? I thought we were over it. If you don’t understand the tools you use and don’t study business administration, you will not get a management position.

If you want to accomplish something in your life, get real and start playing along. Don’t blame white males for your problems, they are busy fixing problems like polio and world poverty and can’t be bothered by lazy profiteers who claim victimhood without taking responsibility for their own future.

© Koos Swart 2013