The painting-like world

Around 1995 I was active in a computer art scene called ‘demoscene’. I watched the demos and listened to the music, but I was never a fan of the first-generation computer graphics which was dubbed ‘virtual reality’. From my perspective anything ‘virtual’ will never live up to the actual ‘reality’. So I recently came up with the phrase ‘virtual surreality’ in which impressionism is used to make something understandable but more visually attractive. To get there, I would have to make my painting-like world together with a seasoned graphics artist. Except my friends weren’t really seasoned enough for it, and I was more of a dreamer.

My dream became reality after we dropped the idea of teamwork between programmers and graphics artists on a BBS in 1995. Since then, demoscene art has consistently been made by programmers working with their graphics artists. One of the works it yielded can be seen here:

© Koos Swart 2013