Website update

I’ve been looking at alternatives to youtube videos. Some ads that are shown under these videos are very troubling. I cannot condone these ads.

I pay for youtube, but that does not spare me the alt-right hoax ads on youtube videos which I embed on my website. A lot of my followers are from countries like Indonesia and some of those people don’t understand that most information on the internet is nonsense.

Alternative is vimeo, but it’s not widely supported.

I tried pictures, but most pictures on the web that are suitable for my purposes are ‘trap’ pictures that people use to chase down websites to sue them for royalties. I will have nothing to do with these practices and I’m not going to legitimize pictures that are spread with these intentions.

Currently I’m using vimeo videos as it’s the best option I see, but it’s not perfect.

I updated the frontpage to have larger fonts, and less text to compensate, as most people in Asia use smartphones. I’m no expert on this, but I think the larger font is much more convenient for viewing my website on these devices.

Edit 16-11-2018: The exodus movie does not seem to be monetized. I use it because it is very important and there are no alternatives whatsoever on vimeo. Ads not supported.

I do intend to purchase the rights to the movie and stream it myself, but that requires money, staff and server space.

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