Why I’m grumpy

  • My teeth are literally falling apart, but I don’t have insurance and I need a jaw operation anyway so not going to bother with dentist. This is the fault of “de Friesland zorgverzekeraar” kill them all.
  • I don’t have a house which is the fault of elkien and the CDA. kill them all
  • I don’t have any money and the government keeps changing my income, kill them all
  • my ears are not well, I had them syringed but there was slime on the inside which keeps coming back
  • academics and media keep ignoring my work, kill them all
  • nobody’s doing anything useful around here
  • Psychiatrists and other doctors can sort of follow what I’m doing but not doing anything and nurses don’t care
  • everybody’s a fucking retard
© Koos Swart 2013