Wim Duisenberg

I am from Joure and went to school in Heerenveen for some time. I went to the same school Wim Duisenberg went to as a teen. A teacher said I reminded him of mr. Duisenberg at that age. He was president of the Dutch central bank at that time. With wonder I saw him being appointed to first president of the European central bank.

When I was told Wim Duisenberg agreed with Greece joining the eurozone, my first reaction was that I disagreed with it, because Greece was a mess.

I wanted to do something new. I could have studied economics, but I preferred psychology. Just not on university, where you have to sort of “play along” to get anything done and professors constantly push you to use their solution to an unsolved problem. You can’t study what I made in university because it didn’t exist at the time and so far no university has picked it up, even though it’s almost ten years old and has quite some influence.

That’s why I didn’t go to university. Internet is the solution. Poverty is the problem. Poverty caused your problems. I can’t solve them due to poverty. That’s your mistake, not mine.

© Koos Swart 2013