Elkien and CDA

When I moved into my first serious house around 1999, I was being treated like dirt from day 1 by the housing corporation (elkien). I will note some examples:

They gave me 1 of one key, and 3 of another, and told me I had to hand in two of each. Since then I have been wondering how to fix this problem. They made several promises, also to my mother, that they didn’t follow up on. In fact, they probably didn’t mean to. For example, the plumbing was too old when I moved in.

Two years after I moved into the house, they closed my only decent window to build some new houses. As I was living on the third floor, I wouldn’t have guessed that would be necessary. They didn’t notify me up front. Two construction workers rang my doorbell and closed the window without proper announcement beforehand.

We all received a letter saying we would be receiving a new kitchen. Never heard from it again, except from my neighbour who said it wasn’t going to be placed until the individuals who received the letter would move and the house would be empty. It’s probably more practical, but I’ll pass on answering the phone in that company.

At some point there were problems with the ventilation system. The housing corporation simply shut it down, whereupon my house was suddenly filled with fungus. These can be poisonous. A technician replied that I should just clean it up and open a window. I later read on facebook this seems to be their policy lately. Deaths can occur any minute.

Once I called for a minor defect. The person on the phone said a team stopped by for small maintenance each year and they would do it. I had been living in that apartment for about ten years at the time, never seen them. When a checkup guy came by, because they were legally obliged to do so at that time, he said the plumbing was overaged and an electrical security cabinet (a more modern replacement for a fuse box) had to be replaced that same day, because I was in risk of being electrocuted. It took the housing corporation over a week to fix it, during which time I did not feel safe in my own house. The mechanic said the old electronic equipment would be placed in the red light district.

This checkup guy hadn’t correctly noted what was broken in my house, so the team came and checked everything for themselves and fixed it. They had me sign a list without anything on it. There wasn’t anyone of the housing corporation there to check the bills.

They moved a bicycle entrance below my apartment BECAUSE it was creating problems elsewhere. They didn’t notify me beforehand, the construction workers just started drilling one day. One of my harddrives broke down, but it was still under warranty. The entrance’s noise and slamming door drove me near to insanity.

At some point, it seemed the housing corporation was corrupt as well, influencing our housing price to put some money into their own pockets at the expense of the people living in their houses. They sent us a questionnaire asking if we wanted heat detectors so everyone could have their own heat bill. As the building was full of students, hardly any questionnaires were returned. The housing corporation (elkien) sent a letter that they considered this a sign of agreement and they would proceed with placing the meters. The letter we were initially sent turned out to be incorrect. The letter stated that the meters were obligatory by 2017, but they are never obligatory. It was an agreement of intent by the EU. There were no set targets. The meters were placed in 2014 if I’m not mistaken, ahead of schedule. Multiple people have used the word “corruption”. The meters weren’t very reliable and the building was very well insulated already so the energy consumption was already relatively low. Also, as they were houses for students with some people in their 30’s and 40’s living there, no one cares. Students live on unlimited credit anyway.

At some point, they were taking the piss again. As usual. Except this time, I was busy reforming islam on the internet, including facebook. Maybe the employee didn’t like my reforms? Sacrilege. (For the record, the employee snapped at me on the phone, saying the terms and conditions on the website had ‘changed’ without informing me of the change, as if that was my problem. Why have them in the first place if you can’t read them anywhere? Are they just making them up on the phone? What kind of a job is that, to have to bully people on the phone simply because your website is displaying incorrect information?)

The reason I call it sacrilege is because I save lives by reforming islam. If people decide I should save lives without religion, and there is something wrong with saving lives with religion, I denounce that as sacrilege. It is sacrilege in the sense of lack of respect for human life. I wrote this on twitter and quit paying rent until this was sorted. I am not paying a housing corporation I have accused of corruption without an intermediate or, at least, a contact person to discuss things with.

I am not sure how to ‘read’ the piss take by this housing corporations’ employee, so I filed a complaint and they seemed to agree with me in this case. However, because I keep running into these things, and I am working on a project, I asked for a contact person to discuss these things with. I didn’t get one. I complained to a CDA-member who must know the director of the housing corporation and drove home to him the seriousness of the matter. Sacrilege against a prophet is a serious offence. I am busy saving lives and intervening in a war. It might be dangerous. He called the police.

They came to my house and I explained the matter to them and they left. These officers were fine, they listened to what I said and made sounds in agreement. They understood it was dangerous and must have warned the housing corporation, which was ignored.

My then-therapist called the police for my own safety with regards to islamic reforms, but the police officer started intimidating me in my own house, resulting in me being afraid constantly in my own house, for fear of being bullied by the police.

The police officer brought a ‘contact’-person from the housing corporation, but he never came back and didn’t respond to my e-mails.

I went to the central CDA website and explained the matter to them. They didn’t like my interpretation of Isaiah, it seemed, and they also called the police. There was nothing I did. I just explained the situation to them. I am acting like a prophet on the internet, for the sake of saving lives, and some people who follow me on social media might be dangerous.

The public prosecution office had me apprehended and I had to explain the matter to a police officer at the station, even though everything is on my website, clear as crystal, and I had explained it to the police officer that came to intimidate me in my own house via e-mail. I sent those mails to my therapist, that police officer, and the person from the housing corporation who didn’t respond to my e-mails. My therapist didn’t seem to misunderstand the matter.

So now this matter of mistreatment of the housing corporation, plus the suspicion of corruption, of which I am not the only one to have have used the word, has spread to the national CDA party bureau and the public prosecution office in my region. The public prosecution office didn’t have me taken to court, but they did intimidate me some more. They have the rights to intimidate me some more, they explained. Why not go straight to court and have the case sorted instead of intimidating me? Are you trying to pick a fight with me on purpose?

Nowadays the housing corporation “Elkien” still uses their connections with the police, politicians, and the mental health care institution I am with to intimidate me to cover for their practices. This is obstructing islamic reforms.

I confiscated the building I lived in for the sake of islamic reforms as it already has religious significance, but I have no means to enforce this and it was disrespected as well. I got kicked out of my house, so I couldn’t continue reforming islam. If your child went to Syria in the weeks after 15-10-2015, blame the CDA party bureau and the public prosecution office in the Netherlands. It is their fault, not mine. I did my best to make sure I could continue saving lives, but they don’t care about your children’s lives. They feel they should go to Syria and die there.

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