Commandments for states:


Base income €1000,- euro for an adult, €500,- for an adolescent and €1.000,- per household, or the equivalent thereof outside of the European union. People owning over twelve months worth of this base income do not receive this until their capital drops below this number. This can be evaluated on a yearly basis or more often depending on technological advancement. Money is recycled as a base income. Central bank interest rates are to be kept around 6%.

Assents over 30 million are taxed for 100%.

Business profits are taxed for 100%

Journalism is illegal.

Democrazy is illegal.

Labour unions are illegal (either you unionise or you don’t, stop excluding people. I have no teeth).

Note that people who spread misinformation on the internet will be disconnected from it and their family will receive only half the base income. They and their families will also lose the right to vote.

Tuition needs to be free.

DSM is illegal.

Theoretical physics are illegal.

World governed by scientists (Plato’s ‘Utopia’ with scientists governing is the only option, there is no point in having people vote about scientific facts)

‘Caliphate’ islam illegal due to calls to violence and superstition. 

Collection agencies are illegal.

VAT is illegal.

Short selling is illegal.

Hedge funds are illegal.

Derivatives are illegal.

Interest rates on levels in proportion to inflation is legal.

Privatisation of public utilities is illegal.

Insurance is supposed to cover risks. All risks.

Businesses cannot sue nations.

Trophy hunting is illegal.

Money transferred from a tax haven is taxed for 100%. New money can be printed this way which allows for a proper functioning of the economy.

Weapons are illegal except for police and military. Armies are to be phased out.

Psychopaths are not allowed in society.

Prostitution: New Zealand is doing great I’ve been told.

Marijuana is allowed in designated areas. These cannot be mosques (or synagogues or churches). Dutch model is pretty good although politicians around here understand fuck all about what they’ve created.

Alcohol is allowed but not in mosques.

Sabbath (saturday) extended to sunday, but can be swapped with other days. This is just a formality as it is already the case in western countries.

Dutch systems of sexual education and abortion are fine.

Ayn Rand works illegal.

The province of Friesland has no other name and commercial enterprises cannot use it.

Lead paint and use of lead (and other toxic materials like asbestos) in general is prohibited

Universities have to pay “research tax” seeing as they don’t do any research anymore but do teach the results to students for a fee

Giving pledge to be transitioned into a tax payable to the government by everybody

net neutrality is obligatory

“Black Pete” and similar blackface is illegal

Tasers are illegal

Fireworks are illegal

Addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers and bank account numbers are ALWAYS confidential and not allowed to be resold or used for commercial purposes like advertising.

Fossil fuel subsidies are illegal

All relevant news regarding me and my work can be found on my website. It is illegal to gather your own “facts”. This website is a one-stop source for anyone. That means my family, friends and former colleagues are not sources of information that you can freely consult and publish about.

The only legal pictures of me are the ones on this website

Costs of housing are set at a maximum of 1/4 the base income or €500,- unless someone voluntarily buys or rents a more expensive home (this point is mostly about care homes)

internships (for educational purposes) are illegal

Mopeds and motorcycles with combustion engines are illegal

It is illegal for a private individual to own more than €30 million in assets. Excess money can be donated to the prophet for redistribution

Dumping is illegal

Free services on the internet are dumping and therefore illegal

Internet services need to be paid for. This can be similar to youtube premium, or a model like vimeo has. I pay for this website, for example.

Young people are adult at the age of 25 nowadays, might change with time

living tissue cannot be patented

Products have 3 year warranty. Parts should be available at market price for 10 years, at least for trained professionals.

Cryptocurrencies are illegal because they are pyramid schemes created by hackers with no sense of currency or responsibility.

Blockchain is illegal because it is a waste of energy benefiting the rich and harming the poor.

All taxes and premiums have to be progressive. This is why VAT is illegal.

money cannot be inherited. You get your base income and education, and thats paid for by the government. Upon death, all your money is returned to the state.

Advertising on the internet is illegal because it is impossible to check the advertisements.

Window prostitutes are allowed to sleep in their rooms unless it is a tourist attraction (only current example is Amsterdam which is very different from regular red light districts in the Netherlands)

districts voting is illegal (all election results must comply with a popular vote)

private airplanes are illegal

All airplanes are illegal

Dogs continue to be illegal (they are already illegal in islam, with some exceptions)

Tourism tax in the city of Leeuwarden is set to 500%

Anonymity on the internet is illegal, except for journalists being able to protect their sources (it doesn’t really exist anyway, it’s currently a matter of convention because when law enforcement wants to find you they probably will)

Kids below 18 are not allowed on the internet outside of family bubbles like icloud's to protect the internet from the kids, not the other way around

outbound callcenters are illegal

artificial intelligence is renamed to ‘artificial stupidity’ due to obstruction of islamic reforms.

Journalists are to abide by “Journalism ethics and standards” or be banned from their profession

Old cars (‘oldtimers’) are illegal

Religious organisations don’t pay tax.

Collective holidays are illegal. Party in your own time.

Joke religions and social media accounts pretending to be God are illegal

Governments need to equip their citizens with a digital ID like in the Netherlands. Social media platforms are required to have their users log in using this government-supplied digital ID.

People who think vaccines cause autism should be sterilized.

All billionaires (in €) are sentenced to death without further trial

left is right and right is wrong. Right-wing communications are illegal (ALL of them)

City of Leeuwarden is no longer a democrazy and will be put under the oversight of the religious authorities in Istanbul - due to general incompetence

Dutch anthem “wilhelmus” is illegal

Us Mem” is to be melted and the materials sold for scrap

All mobile combustion engines (cars) are illegal

computer processors (e.g. CPU and GPU) must be COOLED (not throttled) to perform at specified frequencies, including boost speed. Cooling has to be sufficient to perform at boost frequency. Any companies that have not (in the past) or do not comply with this are to be fined for tens of billions of euro’s (€). Thermal throttling is only allowed when there is something wrong with the computer, like dust in the fan or when a consumer builds it himself and messes up, as a personal responsibility. The problem is that thin computers sell better. However they also underperform, leading to a decline in trust in the manufacturer. All manufacturers do the same thing, however. So there is no place to go. Only the CPU or GPU may be the bottleneck in a prebuilt computer.

Shared spaces (traffic design) are illegal

Referenda are illegal. The reason: minorities are not protected in a referendum.

Psychiatric patients are not the same as nutcases and any insinuation otherwise will be persecuted for slander. Study confirming this statement.

Commercial sale of bottled water is illegal

subsidising agriculture is illegal

celebration of “sinterklaas” is illegal

burning of wood or coal is illegal

Naming bananas taped to walls ‘art’ or similar jokes is punishable by a fine of at least €1 million

Pets: In case you own one, take care of them and don’t dump them on the streets for any reason whatsoever

Cheap electronics which can only be considered e-waste are not allowed to be sold anymore.

Internet needs a ‘rights’ system. The right to write on the internet can be revoked. People who spread nonsense can do that elsewhere. Sites that promote nonsense are to be taken down immediately without warning. People who are not connected to the internet will receive only half the base income on a family basis. They will also lose their right to vote, on a per family basis.

All academics need to swear allegiance to the prophet or have their credentials revoked.

Squatting is legal.

Victims are not allowed to confront suspects of a crime in court.

Online sale of clothing is illegal (selling clothes is only allowed in-person, in stores)

April fools’ is illegal.

Public utilities

Public utilities include but are not limited to:

Social housing




Garbage collection

Police and justice system

Fire departments



Public transport





Excavation of natural resources like oil, gas, and minerals


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