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Psalms 2

Matthew 7

Matthew 12:30-33

John 14-26

An Nisa 1:

يايها الناس اتقوا ربكم الذى خلقكم من نفس وحدة و خلق منها زوجها وبث منهما رجالا كثيرا ونسا واتقوا الله الذى تسالون به والارحم ان الله كان عليكم رقيبا

“Show kindness to the people they have to revere your care delightfully you measure from high esteem and understanding and measuring is decreed to be coupled with it and spread wishing for strengthening bright abundance and long life and they have to revere Allah, delightfully you inquire in a friendly manner and the relationship strengthens more when Allah strongly elevates your caretaking”


- Dutch Government (not doing their job in arranging diplomatic immunity and not having the local police briefed despite possible consequences for local safety, disregarding my request to place me on the local military airfield, disregarding my request for a ‘safe income’, THEFT of €900,- per month, cutting costs on healthcare causing a short supply of my medicine)

- Dutch court system (judging things not within their jurisdiction)

- Dutch police (intimidation to cover for a corrupt housing corporation (by putting me in a cell for 9 hours and threatening to put me in for 16 hours the next time), threatening to confiscate my computer, calling my work a ‘hobby')

- Dutch CDA political party (not acknowledging the Holy city of Karachi and even reporting me to the police (abuse of power) to cover for a corrupt housing corporation, putting a mayor from their party in my city)

- Public prosecution office in Groningen (intimidation without intervention by a judge)

- Dutch belastingdienst (collecting money from my bank account without my permission. sending intimidating envelopes. probably demanding more money meant for islamic exodus. burglaring me with a huge bill from 3 years earlier. refusing to pay back all my inappropriately collected tax money. I don’t pay tax and I need to be refunded)

- UWV (reducing my income by €900,- twice)

- CAK (reducing my income by €900,- twice, offering to pay me €23.000 which is probably a mistake, fun times with your shit job) - Reducing my income by €900,- again.

- Elkien (CEO (Alex Bonnema) is a repeating offender, his name has been mentioned in jihadist circles) (kicking me out of my house TWICE whereby supporting ISIS) (attempted manslaughter TIMES TWO, the house was a death trap TWICE! ignored police warning and later on also a negative advice by the police) (intimidation, harassing a mental health care institution twice so far, reporting me to the police twice so far, harassing me with anonymous phonecalls). Attempting to hack my facebook account. Harassing my provider again.

- De Friesland zorgverzekeraar (ending my dental insurance due to stalker issues which were not my fault, picking a fight during judgement day which has leaked onto twitter, stopping the collection process and then registering me as a bad payer, contempt, not responding to complaints except with an evaluation form, trying to call me on the phone) 

- GGZ (doubting my credibility, not responding to complaints) (antisemitism, racism) Threatening to report me to the police, threatening to kick me out of my house as well. Not processing my complaint. Not reading e-mails. Not caring a bit who I actually am. Not interested in my website. Blaming me for other people being assholes. Continuing to talk to incest-siemy even though I have been telling them not to since 2007. Complaining about facts related to my reforms.

- Rabobank (canceling my bank account due to a stalker problem which was not my fault).


Full list available on request.

Death penalties will be dispensed in due time.

I do not reciprocate for good or bad but my followers do. Pay up.

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