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Psalms 2

Matthew 7

Matthew 12:30-33

John 14-26

An Nisa 1:

يايها الناس اتقوا ربكم الذى خلقكم من نفس وحدة و خلق منها زوجها وبث منهما رجالا كثيرا ونسا واتقوا الله الذى تسالون به والارحم ان الله كان عليكم رقيبا

“Show kindness to the people they have to revere your care delightfully you measure from high esteem and understanding and measuring is decreed to be coupled with it and spread wishing for strengthening bright abundance and long life and they have to revere Allah, delightfully you inquire in a friendly manner and the relationship strengthens more when Allah strongly elevates your caretaking”

Destroy these companies which owe me money:

- Elkien - €50 million

- De Friesland zorgverzekeraar - €150 million 

- Rabobank - €500 million

Beyond redemption:

- Universiteit Groningen

- Mark Zuckerberg and all facebook staff

- Jack Dorsey & Omid Kordestani and all twitter staff

- Bill Gates, Rothschild, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

- All journalists, arabists and theologians

Random cannon fodder

- Syp Winia - reporting me to twitter

- Bobby Kotick (Activision Blizzard CEO)

- Academics who don’t support my reforms openly are

- Lottery management and staff are

Ignoring my e-mails demanding legal assistance:

Rotshuizen Geense Lawyers

Beek Lawyers


Dutch royal family is deposed.

Dutch CDA political party is illegal.

U.S. republican party is illegal and all judges associated with it fired. Pete Hoekstra.

All PVV and FvD (both Dutch parties) representatives are.

Not a full list due to smartphone friendliness. Full list available on Google Docs.

I do not reciprocate for good or bad but my followers do. Pay up. You can use my paypal account.

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