My macs

In 1993 I started studying computer science. They had nextstations. I deleted windows 3.1 from my dads computer. When I started making some money, I bought a playstation. In 2000 I got my first regular job. I used the computer at work for things like taxes and some web browsing. When I was about to lose my job in 2003 due to the internet bubble, I bought a powerbook 12”. I used that at home for office purposes. At the end of 2006 I started working on my quran on it, after replacing the harddrive myself (the PC store wouldn’t do it). In 2009 the U2 video came out and it turned out I couldn’t view it on my old powerbook. I bought a used core 2 duo imac (the white model). It was fine.

In 2010 I started playing world of warcraft on it. The screen had a problem for which there was a factory replacement program but I missed it. I bought a PC but didn’t really like it. In 2013 I got the 2012 27” imac. It broke in 2017 and I had some extra money so I bought the 2017 27” 5k imac. About 1 1/2 years later the fans started to make more noise and I discovered it was thermal throttling down to 0,8 ghz which pissed me off. Apparently this is normal.

The 2020 imac 27” uses a maximum of 150 watts for any model. Cheapest or most expensive, doesn’t matter. That 150W is split between the CPU and GPU. You do not get the performance you pay for.

The new M1 chips look great, hoping this solves my complaints.

So in 2011 I bought a PC. I walked into the store and pointed at a box and said: I want to buy a PC. I also bought a graphics card. I asked the clerk: “Can you put it in the computer for me?”. He said no. He did ask if I needed a monitor. I said: “Now that you mention it, I do.”. Well they had one on discount.

When I got home the monitor had a VGA connector. No wonder it was discounted. When I put the graphics card in the computer, I had to move 2 SATA connectors to alternative ones elsewhere. Two out of four SATA connectors were blocked by the graphics card. So I had a hard drive and CD-rom drive connected. Some time later I decided to put in an SSD. I bought some beer to counter the stress (I didn’t get the proper medicine at the time) and put in the SSD. I decided the CD-rom would not be connected anymore and keep the hard drive connected. The SSD was no faster than my hard drive. Or at least, not noticeably.

After two years and one day the graphics card broke. I went to the store but they replied I only had two years of warranty. I had ten years of factory warranty however, so I could send it back to the factory. Fact is, no I can’t so I asked my mom for some money and bought the 27” imac.

Also, I hate microsoft.

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