I am paying the price for this but not reaping any benefits. When I point people to my website or use the website domain e-mail address it seems people are afraid to e-mail me or something. I am also under the impression people are afraid to like my facebook page and posts. This way my posts won’t go viral. By letting me fend for myself you are not helping anything. We need to get this over with and fast.

My mac is broken and I seem to have to buy a new one as no one answers my requests to have it fixed. ICT companies don’t answer my e-mails either. Afraid? Maybe not afraid enough.

I have also contacted some attorneys but no answer. What kind of planet of the apes is this? Universities don’t answer either.

My psychiatrist has confirmed I need to be feared in order to reform islam.

If I want personal protection, I can’t just ask anyone. Personal security needs a proper uniform or people will get upset.

Likewise when dealing with companies things will need to be formalised.

This is an unworkable situation and the only thing I can think of is to push for more likes on facebook.

If you are going to say something about my website, say it out loud. Speak up.

I am getting more and more pissed off by the day.

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