Just saying: No one cares about me. I’m left to rot in this place. There is no one here. No one.

You’re all a bunch of worthless traitors.

COVID-19 links:

Bloomberg: 99% of Italian COVID-19 victims had preexisting conditions.

Bloomberg: A shift in the global financial order is upon us.

Volkskrant: 75% of Dutch COVID-19 victims were never committed to ICU (Dutch)

In South Korea, a lot of 20-29 year olds infected

NRC: Dutch with low survival expectation not put in ICU (Dutch)

Human rights watch: The human toll of China’s coronavirus control efforts

Nemo Kennislink: numbers of COVID-19 (Dutch)

Paul Krugman twitter feed: Lockdown is cheaper than no lockdown. This is not a recession but an induced coma. The economy needs life support from the government. Because people save money it will be easy for the government to borrow money. There is enough money. The central banks can create more money no problem. This is not really printing money. It is more a form of recycling because a lot of money (dollars) disappears into tax havens.

In the Netherlands, R=0,3 at time of writing. People wash hands, keep 1,5m distance, sneeze and cough into elbows. Cafes and restaurants are closed and so are schools. Shops are allowed to be open but most are closed due to lack of customers. People work from home where they can. Most people continued working. These are the measures we took and a Chinese style hard lockdown does not seem to be necessary.

Playlist on my youtube channel of COVID-19 related videos

The central banks should raise interest rates to about 6% and pump massive amounts of money into the economy in the form of a base income. This is a reward for the people for building such a massive economy. Paul Krugman used the word ‘recycling’ first. But I’m not surprised.

Large institutions only invest in China. Turkey is known to have a huge economic bubble due to European cheap investment. This is of no use to European businesses which serve European citizens who can barely afford food and housing.


I wanted to be relevant 1000 years from now. I don’t care about going ‘viral’. I don’t give a crap about these dumb people. I could have e-mailed newspapers in 1995, but I don’t care.

I e-mailed academics since late 2007 and newspapers since 2009 because they are spreading irresponsible quran translations.

In 2014 I started reforming islam because everyone is a retard. I don’t like it. I run ads in islamic countries. I consider most people cannon fodder, academics wannabe losers and journalists parasites.

Machiavelli - the prince - Chapter 21:

“Again, it much assists a prince to set unusual examples in internal affairs, similar to those which are related of Messer Bernabo da Milano, who, when he had the opportunity, by any one in civil life doing some extraordinary thing, either good or bad, would take some method of rewarding or punishing him, which would be much spoken about. And a prince ought, above all things, always endeavour in every action to gain for himself the reputation of being a great and remarkable man.” - STILL WAITING.

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