I don’t want to be put in an ICU because I’m already half dead and nobody cares about me anyway. I’m just sitting here playing world of warcraft and the only reason I have some extra money for a new computer is that someone made a mistake.

Facebook does not allow me to promote posts with links to my patreon or paypal accounts. Instead I get notified of facebook’s own crowdfunding option, which I would probably be able to promote. However in order to apply for that option I need to be officially listed with the government, which I won’t do.

I have no clue how to get registered to begin with, but I know that once I am registered with the dutch government, my address details will be published on the internet or sold for a small fee to advertisers. I am not going to do that.

I plan to blackout the entire internet and then have a controlled restart starting with my own website. Only people with permissions can write on the new internet.

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