People skills

A few years ago I was hospitalized. There was an old man in the hospital who was apathic. He walked around, but never said anything nor managed to fix his gaze on things. At some point he sat across from me and I noticed his hands were huge. I have slim fingers. Piano fingers, computer fingers. He had working hands. So I asked him: "I guess you used to work with your hands?". Just to say something. I didn’t intend anything. He replied: "Furniture. I created furniture." and started giggling for some time. Afterwards he would enjoy the company of the younger kids and said he had his third youth. He opened up, I guess my remark triggered his memory. After a few weeks I was sitting on a bench next to him and he said: "You're Jesus, aren't you?". I had some problems with a stalker saying the same thing and replied: "That doesn't pay my bills" as it is sometimes pointless to argue with people about this.

Back in school, when I was about 15, a guy in our friends group never said anything either. I got fed up with it and called him really terrible names, he quickly pushed me to the ground. I laughed and said: “finally you’re doing something”. He said: “You’re the one to talk.” And started complaining about others not doing anything. Another friend from that group later made a remark about walking on water which he appears to have stolen from a De La Soul song (tread water). However that guy turned out to be quite grumpy and at times I wondered if I shouldn’t have done it.

© Koos Swart 2013