Responses on both twitter and facebook have been quite positive. The facebook page has over 500.000 likes. However it is not entirely trustworthy as facebook is usually not anonymous. I am waiting for more ‘real world’ figures that are less susceptible to interpersonal pressure.

The initial response to my promotions is 1/6th out of the people I reach, also like my page or a post when I run promotions. This is potentially more than the shi’a faith, given enough time and money. Reasonable projection is 500 million followers by 2050, if I use a linear scale. I expect a normal distribution and full reform.

I do not have this amount of money.

Highest response rates recorded so far:

Pakistan: 23%

Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia: 20,5%

Bangladesh: 22%

Indonesia: 40%

Rates have gone down a bit.

Facebook has raised prices. When I started, I reached up to 1400 likes per day for a small amount of money. Now the amount of likes is less than half of that. This means that in order to double my follower amount, I need money I don’t have.

I assume there will be casualties. Based on the fact that my reforms are supposed to grow larger than Mao’s violent introduction of mechanisation of agriculture and industrial revolution it might go over 100 million casualties.

Nobody seems to watch the playlists on my youtube channel.

I have received no unsollicited e-mails regarding my website.

I’ve had to block about 100 people on my facebook page. Considering I cut off all discussion (take it elsewhere please) using a block this is pretty good.

Police have been monitoring my website and social media since 2014 or 2015.

I’ve started advertising on twitter a bit but twitter is charging the full amount for incomplete ad campaigns.

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