Screenshots from twitter and faecesbook. Both twitter and faecesbook do not support islamic reforms and are therefore illegal. Always check the legal issues list for the latest status.

I have been testing promotions on faecesbook. Conclusion is that I’m insufficiently protected on social media, so I am abandoning it. I reached about 3 million people with promotions, of which about 500.000 also liked the page. This is not entirely without risk, which might have influenced the numbers to an unknown extent.

The response to my promotions is 1/6th out of the people I reach, also like my page or a post when I run promotions. This is potentially more than the shi’a faith, given enough time and money. Reasonable projection is 500 million followers by 2050, if I use a linear scale. I expect a normal distribution and full reform.

I do not have this amount of money.

The faecesbook page has followers from warzones like Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Afghanistan so I will keep it as is and not delete my account. I will keep it to link to my website. However I no longer use any social media apart from the placeholder function. I will make sure the people responsible for this will not die of natural causes.

Once I get mentioned in real-life statistics and on wikipedia, I can remove the faecesbook page.

The progress on facebook so far has been possible because someone made a mistake which has been ‘corrected’ by now.

As I am active in multiple warzones and have been since 2014, I enforce a zero-tolerance policy. Keep in mind that a careful estimate of the amount of followers is 500 million in due time, but the full 3 billion in 2050 is more likely.

© Koos Swart 2013