Responses on both twitter and facebook have been quite positive. The facebook page has over 500.000 likes. However it is not entirely trustworthy as facebook is usually not anonymous. I am waiting for more ‘real world’ figures that are less susceptible to interpersonal pressure.

The initial response to my promotions is 1/6th out of the people I reach, also like my page or a post when I run promotions. This is potentially more than the shi’a faith, given enough time and money. Reasonable projection is 500 million followers by 2050, if I use a linear scale. I expect a normal distribution and full reform.

I do not have this amount of money.

Most recent response rates:

Pakistan: 23%

Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia: 20,5%

Bangladesh: 22%

Indonesia: 40%

Facebook has raised prices. When I started, I reached up to 1400 likes per day for a small amount of money. Now the amount of likes is less than half of that. This means that in order to double my follower amount, I need money I don’t have.

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