Al Alaq

Al-Alaq - العلق

اقرا با سم ربك الذى خلق

Conceive with intimates seeker happiness is measured

خلق الانسن من علق

measured are the people from conception

اقرا و ربك الاكرم

conceiving and raising properly are valued the most

الذى علم بالقلم

delightful to be acquainted with the reed-pen

علم الانسن ما لم يعلم

acquainted the people which were not known

كلا ان الانسن ليطغى

made safe that the people were close

ان راه استغنى

whenever a bad voice was noticed

ان الى ربك الرجعى

The times when confoundedness returned

اريت الذى ينهى

silence delightfully not being fully achieved

عندااذا صلى

withholding when making sound

اريت ان كان على اهدى

silence that was strong during the distress

او امر بالتقوى

alas, ordering with caution

اريت ان كذب وتولى

silence that was lying and ignorant

الم يعلم بان ا الله يرى

painful to be aware with verily Allah looking sharply

كلا لن لم ينته لنسفعا بالناصية

making safe is not when not bringing news, will not beat with the forgetting

ناصية كذبة خاطة

forgetting is lying, is wrong

فليدع ناديه

considered repelling calamity

سندع الزبانية

overpowering the deceivers

كلا لا تطعم واسجد واقترب

making safe was not to be tasted (by you) and had to be nauseous and had to scant

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