Al Fath

Al Fath - سورة الفتح

انا فتحنا لك فتحا مبينا

When informing pressing information became apparent

ليغفر لك الله ما تقدم من ذنبك وما تاخر ويتم نعمته عليك ويهديك صرطا مستقيما

Not being veiled pressed Allah which you went before the people from you relate and which you held back and being perfect plentiful life you respected and you being rightly guided way of the superficial

وينصرك الله نصرا عزيزا

And you being supported Allah supporting strengthening

هو الذى انزل السكينة فى قلوب المومنين ليزدادوا ايمنا مع ايمنهم والله جنود السموت والارض وكان الله عليما حكيما

Intending delightfully descending the calm then altering the conforming not being rejecting being safe at the same time they feel safe and Allah collected the fruitful and the exalted and strongly Allah knows withholding

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