Al Kahf

Al-Kahf - سورة الكهف

الحمد الله الذى انزل على عبده الكتب ولم يجعل له عوجا

The praised Allah delightfully alighted exalted serving the book and not being judged because of crookedness

قيما لينذر باسا شديد من لدنه ويبشر المومنين الذين يعملون الصلحت ان لحم اجرا حسنا

suitably not being obliged mightily intensified from flexibility of and being joyful the conforming delightfully being wrought the righteous verily not seeking compensation are pleasing

مكثير فيه ابدا

multiplying in respect of breeding 

وينذر الذين قالوا اتخذا الله ولدا

And being obliged delightfully they were esteemed small he took by the hand Allah calmed

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